Former Texas Player Criticizes Todd Orlando

USC defensive coordinator Todd Orlando has been highly praised since he was hired but one of his former players is not thrilled with his schemes.

Defensive lineman Malcolm Roach said the Longhorns’ 3-3-5 formation under Orlando last season limited the linemen because it focused on blitzes from the linebackers and safeties. Roach was happy Texas is switching to a 4-3 next season.

“I would have loved to be in a 4-3,” Roach told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I think it’s a smart move. You have pass rushers out there, Taquon Graham, Marquez Bimage, Joe Ossai — guys that can get after the quarterback. You have to use those guys. That was the biggest thing that we got caught up in, not using our weapons to our full advantage. Now they brought in a new staff, giving those guys the opportunity to rush the passer and show what they have.

“I just feel (3-3-5) didn’t let us showcase our abilities the way we wanted to. But we understood why we were running it. I feel the 4-3 will help those guys to show their talents and more people will come out of Texas (to the NFL).”

Orlando has not said what formation USC will run next season. It’s hard to believe he would fail to utilize Drake Jackson properly but it’s worth keeping an eye on this in spring practices.

15 thoughts on “Former Texas Player Criticizes Todd Orlando

  1. Youre a negative bitter man. Usc wins in hoops without their best player and another kid didnt play who lost his Father in tragic accident earlier in week. Id say that was pretty good win overcoming all that. If they had lost you would have been all over it spewing your negative nonsense.


      1. gt — If Scott were to write 3 pieces a day saying Helton lived in his mom’s basement and harassed cheerleaders —I could understand Helton supporters responding in kind. But Scott doesn’t do that. He offers opinions —usually pretty damn astute —on the state of the program. So why the non stop, childish attacks…..?

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  2. Any excuse to whine, right Wolfie? Get a grip. Same for the rest of the USC crybabies on this forum. Is our program in a terrible place? Yes. Is there cause for concern? Of course. Does that mean everything that happens in the program is a negative and we should latch on to every bs complaint possible? Hell no. It does nothing to help the situation and – heaven forbid some recruit comes across this trash website – makes USC fans look like a bunch of ultra-negative whiners. Our slogan is “Fight On”…not “Whine On”


    1. You’re playing into his hands. All Scott cares about are the clicks. It’s not even about USC; it’s just about monetizing his pathetic, unemployed, illiterate blog.

      And now you’ve got me doing it, too.


    2. You’re a twit.. You Don’t read Scott’s posts!
      Take your complaints to Dumb ass Helton and the Athletic Department.
      You probably work there! The

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  3. Hope that guy doesn’t go to one of about 15 NFL teams that has a 3-4 base defense. Not too smart to eliminate half the teams from the start because you can’t be productive in a defense that they run.

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  4. I hope he uses a 4-3. The front four should dictate and dominate the line of scrimmage. A 3-4 is passive. U need to push ur presence and will on the other team. If a 4 front dominates, that frees the lbers to either blitz or go in coverage.

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  5. There’s nothing worse then a hard headed coach, who doesn’t play to his players strengths. Egomaniacs try to fit square pegs into a round holes, so I hope Todd Orlando learns from his former players comments

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  6. 3-3-5 was implemented to try and defend all the Spread passing offenses in the B12. The fact the ball gets out quick in those offenses makes a traditional pass rush obsolete. The DLs job then becomes contain and stop the run.

    The kid needs to shut his mouth and do what the coaches tell him to do.


  7. The players were being fair in their criticism which is very relevant. They said they understood why he was using a 3-4 which in the Big 12 makes sense though they felt their talent lent itself more to 4-3. A creative guy can make a 4-3 work against those offenses. PC used to get burned some but then started dropping an end into the flat, having one corner press coverage, both of which made the opposing qb have to delay his decision making a little.

    And of course back then SC safeties used to try to intimidate receivers, break there backs, but you can’t do that anymore. We still had some issues but we also controlled the ball and ran well, ground teams down, carved up with passes to so many options- a blocking Full Back or TE might suddenly come out as a receiver or the running back out in a wheel route, and we hit the play action. And boom, a punt return for a touch down and the opposition was demoralized, so the opposing offense was always trying to force it to catch up. Oh complimentary football, where have you gone?


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