Paul Finebaum Show: USC Needs A Leader

In case you missed it, here is a portion of my appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show. In this clip, I spoke about USC’s refusal to hire a leader.

By the end of the interview, Finebaum said more writers “should speak like me.”

11 thoughts on “Paul Finebaum Show: USC Needs A Leader

  1. Maybe next time Finebaum can have someone on his show that actually ‘covers’ USC and is allowed on the very campus that he is supposedly “inside” on….
    Negativity and misery love company, which is probably why Finebaum even considered having ole mom’s basement scooter on his show…


    1. Then why do you bother coming here if it is so bad? Why not ignore the ravings of someone who you claim has no idea what is going on at USC? It’s not like there are plenty of other USC blogs like 24-7 and wearesc. Are you paid by USC to come here?

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      1. Read their comments again, gt —- this is deeply personal…

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      2. Why does someone watch the View? To be enlightened by the likes Joy Behar or Woopie? No because they are so stupid and insane they are fun to laugh at and make fun of. For me the link is prominent on Fight On. com and worth seeing what lunacy Wolf is spewing on any given day. His hatred for all things USC is hilarious.


    2. Do you think that USC has competent leadership at the top of their football program…or even basketball program? Or let’s even say in the department prior to Bohn (since time will tell on that one) or even BOT or Prez? If so…OK…maybe you haven’t been paying attention lately to the whole picture, athletics or Univ as a whole. Scotty, I agree, is over dramatic on the gloom and doom, but is correct 9 times out of 10. So you don’t like his delivery, ok, but lead, follow or get the heck out of the way as we used to say in the leadership department over in the Business school. If you haven’t noticed, USC spin department has been trying to guide the narrative for the past 10 years by sugar coating everything including (originally) the varsity blues stuff as well as FBI stuff and the bad hires. It has progressed on to the poor results and discipline on and off the field. And is shamefully obvious in the Instagram and Tweets from the strength and conditioning departments. Control the content and narrative! I realize that’s how Spin works in politics and in public relations. But truly good programs don’t need to do that. The results show. The general public and the knowledgeable insiders can see it much faster as far as culture and structure. I challenge anyone to say they have seen that in the last 5 years or even more. Remember, if the team was so good in ’16 (the year that the national media refers back to as to keep the head coach) then why is that staff totally gone? Keep your eyes open and don’t listen to the Spin. Why would Aranda leave LSU to come to a bad situation for the same money in a inflated market. Doesn’t make any sense. I draw a parallel to the Slovis Danials debate. JT 14 touches 10 picks. But if you actually watched the games, 6 TDs should have been picks save for Pitman coming back to adjust to chuck up/duck outs. Now you are talking about 8/16 instead. Pathetic numbers. I assure you JT would not have had the same season that Slovis did. Slovis had a remarkable year and ran for his life. JT lacked the mobility, patience, and toughness and the technical soundness. All you had to do is watch practice or game film. Yes, he had a nice first 20 plays, but after the offense got off script (play 21 and on) he was below 50%. Watch the film. It is there. That said, JT has done nothing but loose games and be over rated and Slovis has over achieved. Watch the film. Oh ya, and for all the Sears bashers, after the first quarter Vs ASU he was over 75% and except for 2 things (a wide open dime dropped in the hands of Vaughns that wins the game but dropped) or The worst kick coverage I have ever seen (N’Keals return from the south east pylon on the 2 parallel to the goal line 50 yards before turning the corner outside the numbers at the 5 and 4 missed tackles and no contain later for a 98yd return of which he ran 175yds on the play) Jack would have won that game with no 1st team reps. He started 2 of 7 then went lights out and the rest of his team and staff let him down. It’s there WATCH THE FILM! Just like watching Bball and all the 21 and 24 turnover games and timid shots in the paint. SC is in the bottom 1/4 in the country (in football) in all the important controllable team stats. Penalties, penalty yards, turnover margin, rushing yds per game and per rush, return yds allowed, time of possession, redzone percentage, 3rd and 4th down conversion %. These are all stats that are culture based. When good staffs come in, stats like these get flipped with in 2 years. Just look at the transition from Paul Hackett to Pete Carrol. It’s all there, look at the numbers, WATCH THE FILM!

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  2. C’mon, MG. You’re a level-headed dude. I think I can speak for some of us regulars that Flow throws so much shit at everything USC, especially personal jabs, that he deserves his fair of shit thrown right back at him on this open forum. You constantly throw shit, negativity, and make up stories and sources, you’re gonna get called out. For me personally? Flow’s blog is comical. Although very rarely, VERY rarely, does Flow post something that I actually agree with. And that I can appreciate. Yet I enjoy more of the banter and real information within this comment section. That is why I come back. Just my two…

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