Petros Papadakis: Stop Comparing Clay Helton To Any Coach that Has Success

Petros Papadakis went off today on the story on Clay Helton by Dennis Dodd.

“I can’t go through the motions again this off season. The headline `Clay Helton has no time for your hate.’

“The whole Clay Helton is building a whole winner narrative is out there again. Stop comparing Clay Helton to ANY coach that has had success. Dennis Dodd has written an epic puff piece.

“It is so fatiguing going through the motions every single offseason about Clay Helton working hard and there’s a new approach to USC football.”

Listen by clicking link here.

18 thoughts on “Petros Papadakis: Stop Comparing Clay Helton To Any Coach that Has Success

      1. Thankfully we went from no link to two, gt. Thanks for giving Wuffie the heads up, maybe you can edit his copy as well as playing the Scott Wolf Sock Puppet on the blog. Good evening, kind sir/ma’am.


  1. That Dennis Dodd article was trash! How much did USC pay him to write that garbage? out of touch with the fan base and the facts! National media trying to protect Clay because of that fake nice guy image he cons everybody with. Article was just as clueless as Clay Helton’s coaching. Helton and Dodd should both be ashamed of themselves for this garbage they have put out.

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  2. Petros is spot on!!
    The USC spin twits are struggling to find something positive on the School , the Athletic Department and the Football program
    There isn’t anything positive to boast about!
    So they deflect quality questions on SC’s status, and keep a low profile, hoping everything will just go away and fans will forget and not hold them accountable !

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      1. I wonder what the buyout is? $1 million to UC Davis?

        A $ million here and a $ million there, and pretty soon they can buy out Helton.

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    1. Oh wow. A real plop your nuts on the table kind of move. I’m shocked. But I’ll let this surprisingly positive news end my night. And now the clock starts ticking on how Flow will somehow spin this into a negative…


      1. It’s been embarrassing, egg in the face negative for our storied program for Last year.
        A bye week is better than playing meaningless third rate teams!
        Hell, they could have scheduled Cal Tech
        And drawn a bigger crowd!
        I’m sure our great AD will be staying up nights trying to find a team that would like to visit the Coliseum….

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    2. Did you hear about the new scholarship program being instituted by USC?
      All incoming students whose families earn less than $80K/yr will have their tuition paid.

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      1. It’s a little late for the free tuition.
        Most of the students are foreign.
        It now opens up a new scam for the parents.
        Get rid of all your claimed income.
        Hide it or give USC a donation to get under the threshold.
        It was previously called a scholarship!
        This is silly..

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  3. Helton looks bad no matter what! Bohn looks bad until he fires Helton.

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  4. I have been reading up on Folt and her time at UNC but i do not have all the facts and i also did not want this blog to take a racial or political turn. But at the very least she is in no position to be passing judgement on who does and does not have integrity. So in my modest and humble opinion she needs to come up with a better excuse for not hiring Urban Meyer.

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  5. You know……after a while……you understand why its good for old folks like me to just fade away and join the 6 foot under club.
    What the hell is USC doing making school free for under 80,000 in income. So the tuition goes up for everybody else. If I had it to do over I would have run to Canada instead of the 101st airborne in Vietnam.
    Let some of these commie rubber chickens find out what its like in the real world. I fear for my country.

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