Morning Buzz: USC Fans Tend To Be Very Nice

Another person who attended the Carol Folt event on Tuesday night in Santa Monica said that when alumni were allowed to ask questions, there was not a single question about football or sports.

“She got off easy In the Q & A,” the person said.

Can you imagine if an SEC school did a meet-and-greet featuring the president and had an underachiever as football coach? Do you think there would be football questions? There might be torches and pitch forks.

But at the USC event . . . crickets.

Folt is supposed to do another event tonight in Orange County but athletic director Mike Bohn will probably skip the event to be in his hometown of Boulder for the USC-Colorado game.

Before leaving town, Bohn did say he was canceling the UC Davis game in 2021, which will please everyone.

Folt announced this morning two new financial aid policies:

  • Families with an annual income of $80,000 or less will attend USC tuition-free.
  • Owning a home will not be counted in the calculation used to determine a student’s financial need.

25 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Fans Tend To Be Very Nice

  1. If the mention of Folt, crickets, torches and pitch forks in one paragraph doesn’t bring Ed back for comment, nothing will…..

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  2. Disagree completely with the tuition policies. When you give something away for free people dont really value it. If you are living in Tennessee 80K a year is much different than if you live in the Silicon Valley. I’m making my daughter take out a small student loans, even though we could pay for it, because it will make her realize that she needs a good paying job when she gets out. We need to stop pandering to the “Oprah Winfrey” generation – “a free education for you, and you, and you…”

    This is so typical of the liberal mindset and it is too bad USC is falling into this trap. USC should use financial aid policies that enhance the ability to get the best students, period.

    There is a new form of reverse discrimination based on people that dont fit into the right racial or economic groups. It doesnt lead to a better or more prestigious university. But it fits with the “woke” sense of right and wrong. The more out country fall prey to this new form of reverse racism, where we have quotas, etc, the more we create bitterness that divides and provides fertile ground for increased bigotry. People should succeed or fail solely on the merits of their abilities and efforts.


    1. This is so ignorant and wrong on every practical level, it’s a wonder your daughter even got into college, given that the apple doesn’t always fall far from the tree.

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    2. The free tuition only applies if the student got in on their own academic merits.

      So whatever form of discrimination you think this is the fact is that the kid still needs to do the work and get the grades. It’s not an acceptance because your parents make less than $80,000.

      And every student I knew at USC – rich, poor, black, white and everything else – always had that motivation to get a job once they graduate. A kid who wanted to work in Hollywood, be a doctor, lawyer or open their own business didn’t have less motivation to pursue those jobs just because their folks paid for tuition and they had no loans. You shouldn’t mock other students just because their college financial experience is different from what you gave your daughter because I’m willing to bet some of those kids work just as hard as your child. And that’s what matters.



      1. SPOT ON, marvienna!
        A by-product bonus (as mentioned in another post) if this positively affects the number of “scolarships” given to the “non- revenue” sports such as baseball, track, swimming, water polo, etc. then so much the better.
        Nothing like improving USC recognition by having student-athletes winning national championships and/or Olympic medals.


  3. You mean like 153th ranked Alabama, or 104th ranked Auburn, 153th ranked LSU, 132th ranked Kentucky, 162th ranked Mississippi, 211th ranked Mississippi State, 104th ranked South Carolina, 153th ranked Arkansas, 139th ranked Missouri, 104th ranked Tennesse? Absent Vanderbilt, at 15, and this is a conference of garbage schools pumping out the next generation of functional illiterates.

    Perfect readers for one of the dumbest bloggers in college sports.

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  4. The USC administration strategically placed people in the audience of Carol Folts speaking engagement, and instructed them not to ask questions about football. That’s just a suspicion on my end 🤔. 😂

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  5. What do they mean by ‘MOST’? Hey Fred, how much does your dad haul in? -$79,950 last year. Fo fiddy in ’18.
    I’d like to see the fine print.

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    1. Have you seen the reports this morning about UC Davis requesting back the bribe money that Larry Scott put into escrow for ref selection?


  6. No. USC fans were not being nice, there was no dog with Folt, so it was assumed she didn’t bring her brains along- no point in asking questions. And she used the same tactic Bernie is using to get elected: “Money is bad (even though I’m worth a couple of mil) I’ll take the money from the rich give you everything free.” Oh and are there any questions about badminton?
    California State Colleges in 70s and 80s advertised as being tuition free. However the unit and lab fees were way up there. Those schools churned out some of the finest communist ideology available. The government owes us everything because they forced us to go to their school.

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  7. The LA Times quoted Clay Helton as saying “UC Davis is a great FCS football team” after Steve Lopes scheduled them to play in 2021. But the Aggies just won 5 games last season in a non competitive conference. So once again, Helton comes across as a misinformed, Village Idiot, that he is…😂😂

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  8. Scott, we did ask about athletics, just not to the crowd that was there. They were more interested in sustainability, a joke, and whether or not students are learning how to think critically. And for those that told you that, why didn’t they ask the questions? Hmmmmmmmmm. We got a few answers from President Folt.


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