Is Colorado Really Going To Hire Steve Sarkisian?

I’ve tried to ignore the media reports about Steve Sarkisian being a top candidate at Colorado but they won’t go away.

What does Colorado see in Sarkisian?

He was a .500 coach at Washington and even if you ignore his issues at USC, the teams were average. Does the fact Nick Saban tolerates him make him a good candidate?

How is being average a sign of good things for Colorado?

Of course, if Sarkisian is good at anything, it is convincing people to hire him. So he probably will get the job.

UPDATED: ESPN reports Sarkisian will stay at Alabama and get a raise.

Good news for Colorado.

22 thoughts on “Is Colorado Really Going To Hire Steve Sarkisian?

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  1. To be honest, Sark wasn’t even good at convincing the Raiders owner because Kiffin, who went along for support, got the job. If seven wins is acceptable, then Sark is your man. His nickname at Washington was seven-win-Sark. We should be happy that Colorado is hiring Sark because that’s one less opponent to worry about.
    As much as I would love to see the Trojans run the table with their shiny new assistant coaches, I expect them to trip right out of the gate and keep rolling on their faces until they hit someone like Colorado. Something to look forward to from the guys who brought us the PAC 12.

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  2. Colorado should be thinking outside the box – there are so many good assistant coaches out there that would love a chance to be HC at a Power 5 school. Sark should stick to being a coordinator. Nothing good happens when Sark is HC.

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      1. We can only hope that’s the way ESPN promotes the game, 67 –“Be Sure To Tune in Saturday to see if alcohol impaired former USC head coach can beat leadership impaired current USC coach!”

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  3. You dont think sitting under Saban for a few years would be of help? I would think so. Maybe not enough to hire a guy, but I’m sure he’s a better coach today than before.

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    1. Meh, I don’t know. Sark recruits well, and he elevate U-Dub out of the abyss it had crawled into. Is he a coach to guide a program to the Playoff? Probably not. But is Colorado a school that invests in that kind of success? Actually not a bad match here.

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  4. This is an example of why Clay Helton continues to wins games in the PAC 12 on talent alone, because the conference continues to hire mediocre head coaches, who are below average.

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  5. Wolf was gonna go in the bathroom, sit down on the toilet with a raging cry with tears if Sarkisian was to take the Colorado job.

    Also it looks a lot better when Nick Saban goes against people like you and he hires them. It’s already got him the offer from Colorado and one more thing you might want to consider is Sarkisian could possibly coach at a better program later after turning down the Buffs and taking the raise.

    Wow, so it looks like Sarkisian actually wins this round Wolf.


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