USC Hires A Women’s Volleyball Coach

USC has hired a women’s volleyball coach and if you thought things might be different under Mike Bohn, think again.

Brad Keller, who was associate head coach at UCLA, will be the new women’s volleyball coach.

So no big-name hire, which continues the trend under Lynn Swann and Keller definitely will not command a huge salary. Being affordable or a former USC assistant was the Swann model and it’s disappointing Bohn continued that for a program with the historic success of USC women’s volleyball.

Maybe more perplexing, Keller has mostly coached men’s volleyball. He was a men’s assistant at UCLA for six seasons and a men’s assistant at USC from 2007-10.

He might still do a good job at USC. But he doesn’t seem like a game changer. And no backflips on twitter over the hire from the administration, unlike when USC hired Donte Williams.

  • Here is the trailer for the HBO documentary “Women of Troy” that will debut March 10.

13 thoughts on “USC Hires A Women’s Volleyball Coach

  1. I’m in shock, USC has decided to wave tuition fees for students whose families make less than 80K per year. WTF, that’s damn liberal and generous of the USC administration; it pains me to say I approve of their academic largesse. Who knows, maybe in the future there may be a Mexican USC Valedictorian. Won’t that piss off the bozo Rah-Rah’s?

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    1. Sounds good!
      If this positively affects the number of “scolarships” given to the “non- revenue” sports such as baseball, track, swimming, water polo, etc. then so much the better.
      Nothing like improving name recognition by having student-athletes winning national championships and/or Olympic medals.


    2. Love the weak attempt to weave liberal and generous to mean the same thing. Your tired leftist identity politics play is a real yawner for the rest of civilized society. You insult Mexicans like myself by assuming we don’t make $80k a year. The majority of the race centric people in this country are leftist like yourself. Go back to your safe space and play dough!


      1. Gosh Danny, you insult yourself. It’s not a crime for a family, any family, to earn less than 80K a year. I applaud the new USC admissions policy.

        Danny Boy, I’m seriously happy I’m not a spent .22 short cartridge like yourself.

        BTW the way young Daniel, how many USC Mexican Valedictorians have there been in the last 25 years? I suspect the dearth of Mexican Valedictorians isn’t because of their lack of intellect or scholastic ability, but an inability to afford the tuition for a “private, Methodist, Wonderbread” education.


    3. JO:
      You’d be surprised at the selective liberalism which comes from being a proud Trojan. Many of my young (35 year old and younger) Trojan friends&alums are “feeling the Bern.” (no so selective liberalism), as they post on Faceplant. We’ll see how they evolve in life.

      Living (and going to school) in South Central (and not Westwood) is a true test of your liberal beliefs, mon frere.

      I’m proud of my USC leaders for this decision. I wuzn’t gonna send ’em any of my hard-earned cash in 2020, but now I’m changing my tune.


  2. No idea if this is good or bad. I’m not a great fan, if we win in basketball and football I’m good. Ok, honestly if we win in football I’m good. I’d trade the other 20 sports for just the one. Is that wrong?


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