USC Schedules San Jose State

USC has inserted San Jose State into the void left by dropping UC Davis in 2021. The game will be Sept. 4.

This will preserve the tradition of never playing an FCS team. San Jose State just got $1.8 million from Georgia when the Bulldogs dropped them to play Clemson in 2021.

So it’s a win-win for everyone. USC has to pay UC Davis $725,000 to drop the game plus whatever it pays San Jose State, which just hit the lottery.

10 thoughts on “USC Schedules San Jose State

  1. Beyond the FCS issue, San Jose State is only a marginally better opponent at 5-7 last year, but perhaps it is too late in the world of scheduling to find many takers.

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  2. I’m glad we have no qualms about paying nearly $1M to another school in order to preserve a small yet significant tradition, yet won’t buyout a clueless head coach who is destroying an amazing, time honored tradition (of football success).

    To be honest though, this is money well spent–though it should never have had to be spent. Please send the bill to Steve Lopes, wherever he may now be.

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  3. I could live with this game.



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  4. Excellent brewery, dispensary and taqueria just down the street from Spartan Stadium. SJSU on the rise with Brennan bringing in higher level talent. Also the class of Cal St academically given the easy access to highest paying job market. They’ll be ready to play.


  5. So….Instead of scheduling San Jose State, we could have gone after Clemson like Georgia did. So much for the “too late to schedule a good opponent excuse”.


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