Graham Harrell Reportedly Candidate At Colorado

USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell might be a candidate at Colorado, according to the Athletic.

Why not? Colorado is desperate for a coach. Apparently they are not hiring Air Force coach Troy Calhoun, who has had three 10-win seasons since 2014.

Does Harrell think he is the head-coach-in-waiting at USC since Dave Aranda apparently turned down the title? How much consternation would there be at USC if he left?

Could USC find another offensive coordinator that doesn’t like to run the ball?

16 thoughts on “Graham Harrell Reportedly Candidate At Colorado

  1. Oh no we are doomed. Opie to Colorado. Wait that frees up a scholarship right?
    Oh don’t worry Helton can replace him just like he had speedy replacements for Painderass and Baxturd. Besides maybe we can start another Sark rumor.

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  2. The Colorado program is a train wreck. One winning season in the last 13 years. They should jump at hiring Calhoun if they can. If Harrell can perform as O coordinator here, he will probably get better offers in the future. Why would he be interested in this job? Other than to get another raise?

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  3. The sooner the crook called Helton who has ripped off USC to the tune of 20 million or more leaves the better…….if Harrell leaves I could care less except for the fact that if it ends up screwing up any plans Helton has so much the better.
    Sorry to the kids but the flying circus of the stars is not a solid approach anyway. Its not us that is keeping a near moron on as coach.

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  4. Please Please Please Take the Colorado Job!!
    We need a balanced Attack.. Running backs, offensive Line, Tight Ends. Copy the best teams, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Clemson!!
    Not Washington State or Texas Tech!!
    Return to USC physical Football!!

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      1. I’m not kidding!! You need to wake up,Quickly!
        Recruit Better. Coach Better.
        Throw out this shit offensive scheme and start in Spring Practice.. That’s if they have any contact!!
        The sooner we get back to physical USC football, the Better!
        This BS offense scheme has NEVER won a conference or National Championship!


  5. Hope so… Good Bye–Take Helton with you.
    What Air Raid offense has ever won a Natty?
    Lets get back to USC FOOTBALL–Own the 4th quarter

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  6. He’s not going to take it. That program needs help beyond a first year HC. They need a complete architect to redo it all. Howard Shnellenberg like, or however you spell his name?


  7. Graham Herrell/Mike Leach type of offense has never been to the playoffs, much less a national championship. So I wonder why people keep insulating it, because nobody will ever get to the championship game without a decent running game. That offense is strictly for entertainment only according to Marcus Allen, and I totally agree with him .


  8. This is good news IF true.

    Its probably his agent just putting up feelers again.

    Colorado, please feel free to take him. We will give you Clay at no cost as well.


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