If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Clay Helton did not have a press conference on Signing Day earlier this month, the first time USC has skipped one in probably 40-50 years.

But we now know Helton underwent three hours of oral surgery that day, according to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, who interviewed him that night.

With that mind, give Helton credit. He looked pretty chipper on the Pac-12 Network’s Signing Day show that day. Almost good enough to do a press conference.

  • Is there a greater indictment of USC basketball coach Andy Enfield than the fact the Trojans are below UCLA in the Pac-12 standings? UCLA has actually improved. USC is fine in games as long as it has much-better talent. Is USC actually on the bubble for the NCAA Tournament?
  • Enfield did not spare sophomore Elijah Weaver after the game. Weaver took an awkward shot on one of USC’s final possessions.

“We drew a play up and put all five guys in position and he went to the wrong side as a point guard,” Enfield said.

“If he wants to be an elite guard in this league, you have to be able to come out in a game time situation and follow directions and go to the right side of the floor so we can get the ball to our big guy.

“Everyone else was in the right position. I’m not going to make excuses up if you want to win games on the road and be an elite guard in the Pac-12, you’re going to have to follow the darn board on the timeout and come out and execute.”

  • Did you see the report by CBS2 reporter David Goldstein on the nine student deaths last semester? Goldstein obtained seven autopsy reports: Three students died by suicide, one student was hit by two cars while walking on the 110 Freeway and three students died from fentanyl overdoses. Full story here.
  • And now for some history:

When O.J. Simpson first showed up at USC in 1967 from City College of San Francisco, he actually spent some time at split end in spring practice.

USC was shorthanded at receiver as Bob Klein was injured and Ron Drake played baseball.

After about a week, USC coach John McKay said, “We should know pretty much where and how we’ll use him (in another week).”

McKay figured it out.

  • Here’s the list of celebrities who were supposed to show for the Rose Bowl pep rally on Dec. 13, 1967 before USC played Indiana. The rally was followed by the gala grand opening of the new grill at the Student Union.
  • Before the Rose Bowl, Tommy Trojan was splashed with red and white paint by Indiana students.
  • Two days after USC beat UCLA in 1968, Bob Hope had a star-studded show at the Sports Arena that featured John Wayne, James Garner, Glen Campbell, Vic Damone, Juliet Prowse and Barbara McNair among other guests. Proceeds went to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged students.
Bob Klein, Steve Sogge, Mike Battle and O.J. Simpson perform a skit with “Coach” James Garner on Nov. 25, 1968 at the Sports Arena.
Bob Hope takes stage escorted by USC song girls
  • For fans who were around in the late 1950’s, Marlin and Mike McKeever embodied USC football. But there were reports at the time the twins planned to go to UCLA until assistant coach Jim Myers left to become head coach at Iowa State.

19 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Please, no more pictures of that grinning piece of shit. It got my day off to a very bad start (0459). To think that someone like that could be the face of USC football
    causes revulsion on my part.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. The day after the Holiday Bowl, LAPD gifted Clay with a bullet proof vest and asked him to wear it 24/7…..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Clay doing what he does best which is lie directly to our faces. We all know there was no oral surgery and he was just running from fans. Didn’t he do Trojan live as well for a nice sunshine pumping softball interview that he cut short?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Speaking personally, getting root canal shouldn’t stop you from doing anything –it doesn’t even hurt that much…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pudly –I’ve heard several different versions of Clay’s Signing Day plight — e. g., he needed infection drained, root canal, anxiety attack, hysterical pregnancy…..

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      1. If Clay made $3.50 he shoulda done a signing day press conference…


  3. The three hours of oral surgery excuse was created for the gullible USC football fans, who believe anything that comes out of that athletic office. I salute Mike Bohn for getting rid of Steve Lopes, and a few others, along with hiring some competent assistance football coaches. But at the same time, he’s adopted Clay Helton’s boldface, lying ways.

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    1. The bruins have always been sort of a national joke — luckily, Bob Hope understood that and capitalized on it…..

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  4. I’m not sure what bothers me the most, is it Clay Helton looks like a dope, or the fact that he is a dope ? 🤔 Five years into the job, and the Trojans are worse off then when that stupid ass started. And the fact that he has all the resources as the top three programs, makes it even worse. Carol Folt, please take your head out of your ass, pretty please 🙏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You have focused on THE issue of our times: Are USC fans repulsed by Clay’s appearance or his coaching? I hope we are all big enough to forgive Clay for looking like the Baby Huey character in those 1950 cartoons. Clay didn’t choose his appearance. On the other hand, Clay —up til this very year — stubbornly retained such half-assed assistants that the mere hiring of new ones (not all of which have been homeruns, by the way) has become a cause for joy on every USC sports site. Add to that the fact he has started out every season playing the wrong QB, tailback and center. And, then, throw in the fact he says supernaturally stupid things like “we need to go from good to great” after getting beat by 3 touchdowns……


    2. He is certainly not a good coach, but he doesn’t have the resources as the top three programs. Not the same level of staff or dollars allocated to football, rspecially recruiting, not even close. It looks as though this year there might be a change though. Let’s hope so.

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