Colorado Closing In On Karl Dorrell?

Former UCLA coach Karl Dorrell has emerged as the favorite for the Colorado job, according to Pete Thamel of Yahoo. This feels like a USC search.

Imagine the Pac-12 South with Clay Helton and Karl Dorrell? The SEC must be laughing . . . again.

19 thoughts on “Colorado Closing In On Karl Dorrell?

  1. Tim Tessalone sock puppet La Mentira approves of affirmative action hires like this. Karl was a failure at Westwood High and managed to drive Ken Norton to USC.

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    1. Interesting take, not sure what race has to do with anything. Some of us come here to avoid politics, try staying on point gt.

      As an aside, ad hominem attacks don’t strengthen one’s argument. May you have the nerve one day to besmirch a man due to the color of his skin to his face.

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      1. You’re not sure what race has to do with anything? Why do you think Karl Dorrell was hired over Mike Riley for the ruin job, the strength of his resume? Or why Chianti Dan was hired over Gene Bleymaier, the then-AD of Boise State? You can’t be that dumb…can you?

        As an aside, La Mentira, may you have the nerve to make your daily ad hominem attacks of Scott Wolf to his face, you cowardly hypocrite.


      2. “It’s funny you think anyone would be intimidated or afraid to tell SW anything to his face.”

        Then why do you attack him here every day instead of telling him your opinions to his face, you brainless rah rah?


    2. Well, Little Petey Pom Pom was a major failure until the Emperor had no other choice but to employ him.

      BTW 22, the Bruins defeated the Pac-12 leader, # 18 Colorado today 70 – 63.


      1. Pete has always been a good coach, not even close to a failure.

        Unfortunately, Cronin can really coach. Once he got rid of playing time for the upperclassmen they started winning.


      2. “Pete has always been a good coach, not even close to a failure.”

        Pete Carroll lasted one year with the New York Jets — a 6-10 finish in 1994 — before being fired by owner Leon Hess.

        Stick to your recipes, Mrs Helton.

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  2. Lmao 😂…… Really ? The PAC 12 will be full of incompetent football coaches. How is that clown, Karl Dorrell better than some of the proven coaches that Colorado interviewed ? Unbelievable!!

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      1. That’s right, La Mentira, in your esteemed opinion Karl Dorrell has the potential to be another Pete Carroll…. BWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Honestly I wonder what is wrong with the head coaching position at Colorado? Several low level assistant coaches have turned them down. They are hovering a few millimeters above the bottom of the barrel- desperate enough to talk to Harrell not desperate enough to lure Helton away from his eminent firing.
    But being turned down by Sark and other people tells me there’s more to this search than Scott can make up.

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  4. Karl Dorrell will draw the type of assistant coaches that Steve Sarkisian, and Clay Helton did at USC . His personality is that of someone in a coma, or a corpse … 😂 Clay Helton is the luckiest man in the world, because the type of coaches coming to the PAC 12, he’ll always win on talent alone .

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  5. I wouldn’t laugh too hard.

    I wouldn’t call it the proverbial “home run hire”, but, it’s not crazy either. Back when Dorrell was hired by the Bruins, he was considered a very talented, up-and-coming, young coach. He had the misfortune of coaching during the Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh, Oregon-Chip-Kelly, Jeff Tedford, Mike Riley, Dennis Erickson, Dick Tomey — era of Pac-10 football, when the conference was maybe at its strongest ever. And he had some of the best seasons at Westwood during the 2000’s, for what that’s worth (I know, I know … lol).

    After he was fired by the Bruins, he went back to the NFL, and has sustained a successful career as an NFL assistant coach, coaching WR’s and QB’s. Does anybody here think Clay Helton could do that? He is a MUCH better coach than Helton.

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