Saturday Buzz: USC Gets Creative To Sell Tickets

USC is getting creative in its attempts to spur ticket sales.


The 18 tickets for $300 sounds pretty good. Oops, 10 are for basketball!

The fact no games are excluded shows there simply is no longer any game on the schedule considered a must-see for the fans. This what happens when people lose interest.

But at least it’s a different idea.

  • USC has offered a scholarship to Akron graduation transfer Brandon Council.

The Trojans need someone to replace left tackle Austin Jackson. The interesting part about Council is only six of his 24 career starts were at the tackle position. Sixteen were at guard while two were at center.

14 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: USC Gets Creative To Sell Tickets

  1. Here is some info about Brandon Council:

    “Despite suffering a season-ending knee injury after starting three games in 2018, Brandon Council was a 2019 preseason All-MAC Fourth Team selection by Phil Steele.”

    4th team selection…in a minor conference…hmm…

    But Council also received offers from Baylor, Illinois, Indiana, so perhaps he is better than what appears.

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  2. Fourth team selection in the MAC conference? I never knew there was such a thing … 😂😂. If I were Kedon Slovis, I’d sit out that Alabama game. Bozo Helton does it again, and I hope the media directs a question to him about Brandon Council, because he would say “ Council is a special player” 😂

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    1. Totally and completely agree with you and 67. Council is rated 2 stars by just about everybody. If Brandon is what’s standing between Slovis and Alabama (who Helton cleverly ranked 13th in a public vote), Slovis should be declared “out with injury” for Alabama and saved for the Pac 12 schedule (where USC looks good to go).

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      1. No USC player should ever sit out for fear of being injured. Ever.

        If keeping Slovis upright is an issue than how about some three step drops, quick slants, rolling the pocket out or, dare I say it, some bubble screens?

        But don’t ever mentioning keeping a player out to save him for the rest of the season. That thinking is for losers.



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      2. Slovis really needs to release the ball much earlier than he does. And they have to limit the pass rush with an effective running game. With Stepp and Christon, it could be a second coming of Thunder and Lightning.


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      3. I think USC should play the scout team against Alabama.

        “With Stepp and Christon, it could be a second coming of Thunder and Lightning.”
        Under Helton’s union rules, both Malepeai and Carr still have seniority over Stepp and Christon.

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      4. MG…. helton’s got Bama right where he wants ’em, cause, accodring to Dodd’s article, he’s already lookin at the tape [we all know that NOBODY does more with tape than helton]. He’s got a 7 month head start on sleepy Saban, who obviously sees the SC game as a trap game before their second game against Georgia State.

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  3. Desperation……….the smell of desperation…….not even a power five transfer…….some dude from nowhere that might be taken on by Illinois and Indiana.
    Nothing has changed…..don’t be fooled by a few coaching changes. Our QB’s will be chucking that pig down field as soon as they so much as see the center moving his hand.

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  4. Helton’s 2020 FB strategy is to save his job.

    Therefore, Helton’s major tactical decision is to keep Slovis healthy for the bozos’ last 11 games. A humiliating Alabama victory is irrelevant to SUCCX Pac-12 Championship aspirations.



  5. clay helton is costing USC alot more than just his salary. pretty sure that Bohn would get rid of helton as soon as he is allowed.


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