USC-Alabama Doesn’t Create Much Buzz

In a different decade, USC-Alabama would be a game that dominated the college football landscape.

But ESPN did not even bother to list it among its “games of interest” this season. Even Oregon-North Dakota State made the cut.

But who can blame ESPN? I’ve yet to come across a USC fan who thinks the Trojans have a chance to beat the Crimson Tide. I met plenty of USC fans in 2016 who at least thought the Trojans had a chance. Years of Clay Helton have taught the fans well.

13 thoughts on “USC-Alabama Doesn’t Create Much Buzz

  1. More people will watch SC- Bama than Oregon v. their usual cream puff.

    BTW if scheduling only FBS opponents is so important, why are recruits all flocking to Eugene, Tusculoosa, Columbus, and both Death Valleys? Truth is, recruits don’t care about these things and playing FCS opponents is an easy way to ge to 12 wins and pad your stats (which are then used to lure recruits). SMH.

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    1. Recruits want the chance to play on the biggest stage with a program who has a good chance of playing for national titles and big bowl games. Seeing Helton and his soft program and then getting blown out in a minor bowl game in San Diego (Helton is 0 – 2 in Holiday Bowls) is not where a kid wants to prep himself for the NFL.

      Playing an FCS school isn’t going to make a very bad coach like Helton into a winner just because he notches a few wins against FCS schools. Because everyone knows Helton is soft and he always gets exposed by bigger and tougher teams. So beating UC Davis and pretending that Helton is a coach we should keep because the stats look better doesn’t fool anyone.


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      1. Exactly. We’ll always have Arizona, Colorado and (especially) UCLA for padding our stats….

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    2. Absolutely, Arturo, SUCCX FB is not ashamed to pad team/player stats during cupcake slaughters. SUCCX needs all the help it can muster for future FB recruiting.


      1. They haven’t done it yet, Owns. I just don’t think that it would make a huge difference with recruits.


  2. My heart wants to still believe anything is possible for this team, but it is overruled by my head that has watched this team. I’ll still lay some money on USC with a business friend from Alabama, just because I’m a total homer. It won’t be much though, because I’m not a fan of wasting it.

    How’s that for riding a fence?

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  3. The Alabama game is a perfect measuring stick as to how far the USC football program has come under Clay Helton in for years, because that’s what most competent athletic directors do. But since Helton is an incompetent fool, the score of the game will resemble the last time the two played..I guarantee!!! It’s called zero growth, and no direction, or leadership .


  4. I’ve sat by, reading and following what so many of you say about our football program, our recent recruiting successes, and the way our great Trojan football team is lead and coached. Most of what is said is not positive, yet we see magnificent glimmers of greatness.

    Let me just assure you all the Coach Bohn, Coach Folt and me have the situation well in hand. Just like the recent Holiday Bowl triumph, where we managed to play a somewhat competitive game against a vastly under-rated Iowa Hawkeye squad. USC shone through, and our youthful mistakes, be they costly, showed the promise and future greatness that is and will be USC Trojan Football.

    Just wait until J.T. returns as our starter next season. He’s gonna do great, and having Matt Fink in relief, will no doubt bring back the echos of 2018.

    Faith. Family. Football. Keep your focus on this, and forget winning, winning, winning and intensity and obsessive concern. Things are gonna be great! Just like Tony the Tiger says.

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  5. It’s hard to hype an Alabama (-50) vs SUCCX mismatch.

    The major recurring Rah-Rah discussion is the o/u # of bozo QB’s that are game injured and dragged off the field.


  6. I guarantee after our first game the team will win most if not all. The other teams in the PAC12 are dogs with the exception of Oregon. We have over 50% of returning players. I can’t wait until the 2021 season where Mike Bohn’s commits will shine. LOL.


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