Morning Buzz: Does Today’s USC-Utah Game Matter?

ESPN bracket guru Joe Lunardi has USC as one of his last four teams to make the NCAA Tournament.

But he has some good news for the Trojans: Lunardi said USC won’t fall out of the NCAA Tournament if it loses to Utah today in Salt Lake City. Lunardi currently has UCLA as one of his first four teams out of the tournament.

Today’s USC-UCLA game is a pick-em contest according to oddsmakers.

After all the upsets yesterday, Lunardi still has Kansas, Baylor, Gonzaga and San Diego State as No. 1 seeds. If Maryland beats Ohio State, the Terrapins would replace San Diego State as a No. 1 seed.

14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Does Today’s USC-Utah Game Matter?

      1. Double hitter maybe? Or perhaps a home and away series was just scheduled on the same day…

        Or just maybe, his secret source was possibly mistaken?

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    1. That settles it, Pudly! This is the year to crush Oregon and Alabama and Notre Dame…

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      1. If, and this is the biggest if ever, we decide to let the assistants run their squads like they choose to, we might have a chance to get everyone apart from Alabama. But it will take all of the things we know we haven’t done, like blocking and tackling in practice. We can match talent with Oregon and Norte Dame this year, not Bama.

        Is Helton capable of getting out of his own way and letting the coaches do their thing? If so, I expect a good year.

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      2. May I add one more Big “IF”, Mrs. Helton? IF all our skill players on offense stay injury free for all 12 games…..

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  1. If it were my team, I’d stop, reflect and look at what got us here.

    Faith. Family and Basketball. Practices need to be toned-down, and the focus on winning needs to be squelched, players need to feel at ease and relaxed. Focusing on winning, winning, winning is too much pressure for these kids.

    Gosh, golly why don’t the coaches in charge see this?

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    1. Thing is only Andyain’twinning needs to win, win, win. Methinks SUCCX requires a reasonable ROI on Two + million a year HC contract.


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