Who Wins The Fury-Wilder Fight?

Who do you like in the Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder fight?

And are you paying to watch it?

The conventional wisdom is Fury wins if it goes into the late rounds but that didn’t happen the last time;

Former USC football player Gerald Washington is on the undercard.

8 thoughts on “Who Wins The Fury-Wilder Fight?

    1. Mrs. Helton,
      If it’s not too late —please text Fury & tell him the left uppercut will work —he needs more than a jab and a straight right to win.

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      1. To answer Scott’s question —I bough the fight. But not for myself —for my son. I went for a walk in the Hawaiian night air and my son was texting me his round scores. Both of us thought the same thing when blood started coming outta Wilder’s ear: stop the fight before something really bad happens. For all you Wilder fans –he’ll be back. My son told me he was gracious —and more importantly —coherent in post fight interviews. We were both worried for him —but he seems alright.

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      1. Or just hit him in the face really hard many times. He was good at that last night.

        The licking the blood thing though, what?!?


      2. To be honest, I never thought Fury could win a slug out …and he didn’t. Watch the fight (in slices on various youtube sites) —Fury caught Wilder with a very hard straight left when Wilder rushed him in the first round. Wilder was never right after that. Hence, Fury unleashed.
        The licking the blood thing demeans a brave opponent…and demeans boxing…


  1. Hopefully it’s more entertaining than the commenter attempting to match wits with others on here by employing childish ad hominem attacks, Wooffie. Cue the sock puppet attack in 3, 2, 1…


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