USC Falls To Utah

USC just lost to Utah, 79-65, and got swept on this road trip.

The excuses were plentiful: Nick Rakocevic had the flu. Isaiah Mobley had a sprained ankle.

But the Trojans still had enough talent to beat Utah.

I said this morning Joe Lunardi would still have USC in his final four to make the NCAA Tournament even if the Trojans lost to the Utes.

But is merely making the NCAA Tournament what the preseason expectations were?

All anyone talked about was the recruiting class coming into the season. Is this getting the most out of it? USC has a lottery pick player and still looks disjointed.

The problem is Andy Enfield. He never gets the most out of the team. And USC seems content to watch him underachieve, especially when he makes $3.2 million per year.

24 thoughts on “USC Falls To Utah

  1. Time for a coaching change in USC Basketball.
    There are no excuses for coming out flat with an NCAA tournament on the line.I think the USC Coaching staff are too fat with high salaries, and obviously think they have job security.
    This team is poorly coached, and underachieving.
    It will not matter if they bring in the No. 1 recruit in the country with this coaching staff. Issiah Mobley, is the most overrated player I have seen in a long time, and I have a feeling his brother Evan will not be effective also once he plays with the speed of college basketball, and against players in his own height.
    I would make the change now. Enfield’s players have quit on him, and lack motivation. If you can’t be motivated to get into the NCAA’s then something is wrong with the coach staff.

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    1. I guess you heard all about Carol Folt’s Big Idea yesterday: “Since we’ve raised a billion bucks for the Dr. George Tyndall Victim Superfund—why don’t we make him work it off by coaching the football team for free for the rest of his life —he’ll probably do about the same as Helton…”

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      1. Guess what, MG? We are stuck with Football Head Enfield for 3 more years:

        “Apr 5, 2017

        On Wednesday morning, USC announced it had given head basketball coach Andy Enfield a second two-year contract in as many years, pushing his current deal through the 2022-23 season.

        “With Andy Enfield as our head coach, we have built consistency and stability in our men’s basketball program,” USC Athletic Director Lynn Swann said in a statement. “Extending Andy’s contract will allow that consistency and stability to continue. The record-setting season we just had is proof that Andy has established the USC program as an annual contender on the national level.”

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      2. gt — Hard to believe Haden could be followed by Swann. Is that a record of some kind? Wasn’t there a period in the English Monarchy where they had 3 insane Kings in a row?

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  2. I have to agree with you, Scott. I couldn’t even watch after the first half. I was so upset. To watch these talented players have no confidence at all either on offense or defense, and get outplayed at every margin, I just don’t get it. I don’t like Clay Helton, but I like Andy Enfield, and I am sorry he has failed to coach this team up to their potential. What a shame.

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    1. I don’t like neither, both of them never should of been hired in the first place. All they have done is under achieve and they both get rewarded with contract extensions for mediocre coaching and lousy results. What damn shame. To top it off they have a troll nome running the show who is obviously out of touch with reality about the University she runs and has control of.


  3. Another Pat Haden special selection:

    “Andy’s success this season at Florida Gulf Coast was not a flash in the pan” – Pat Haden, 2013, presser announcing the hiring of Enfield

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      1. May I suggest categorizing them by substantive area? The empty headed socially conscious ones, the fear filled NCAA ones, the incomprehensible hiring ones, the defense of family greed ones, etc., etc.

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  4. Well…….Enfield went to a few football games and watched the coaching……hey…..the guy is not dumb……if you can make millions and act like a dummy……why work?

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  5. The administration needs to step up. USC has become the Mudville college of Disney films minus the science that causes a turn around.
    In fact I’m starting to think Disney should pitch Kurt Russell as coach next year they can film the games and by Christmas have the great grandson of flubber In theaters.
    I don’t follow basketball but it is still embarrassing to have such an undisciplined team in two sports.

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    1. I’m thinking Tommy Kirk (Old Yeller) for the Clay Helton/Fred McMurray role…. lots of absent minded professor stuff –walking into walls, fainting when his son tells him he’s turned into a shaggy dog, screaming like a girl when his flying car is chased by F-104’s….

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  6. It is quite obvious USC is hiring coaches that are NOT QUALIFIED based on their experience, and then overpaying them. Salaries do not match the skill levels.

    Clay Helton was a little known quarterback coach with little success when he was hired as a assistant coach, and now he’s a head coach which is a joke.

    Andy Enfield had 1 good season at Florida Gulf Coast, and then was hired at a very high salary to come to USC. Who else wanted him not many, and today probably no one.

    To me both are in the wrong profession. Enfield, acts and thinks like a stock broker. He has no motivational or leadership skills. Helton, should be a car salesman, or perhaps a minister at some small church in Texas.

    Recruiting alone does not always win games. Enfield, and Helton both are weak leaders of young men, teach finesse rather than physical play, and both can’t recruit.

    CHANGE IS NEEDED NOW. Too late for Football , but it is time to move on from Enfield with or without the Mobleys. If Issiah Mobley, was the No. 18 recruit in the country he is the biggest bust I have ever seen. No. 1 recruit Evan Mobley, is the same match him up with other players his size in college, and he’ll fold up especially against physical players. I see USC basketball losing all 3 of their last games, and then Enfield still will cry about the NCAA snubbing his team from the tournament. To me, he has lost the team’s respect.

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  7. The O/U # of the bozo team members to hit the 2020 portal: 4

    Will Andyain’twinning retain the Mobley Bros., Ta-Ta/ATM for 2020 – 21 season?


  8. where does the 3 million a year number come from? that is insanely over-paying a coach who has done a mediocre job. the last number i saw was 1.9 million a year in 2014.

    can lynn swann ever attend another SC event without being hassled by alumni and fans?


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