USC Basketball Is An Endless Rerun

Every Andy Enfield team looks the same to me.

If you watched today’s game you saw too:

  • USC does not run an offense
  • USC does not take good shots
  • USC does not defend

3 thoughts on “USC Basketball Is An Endless Rerun

  1. Same old broken record the last 3 years now. Time to throw it in the trash. Like how the LA daily news did to you wolf man with your same ass tired blogs and columns.


  2. Leave Scott Wolf alone. He knows what he is talking about.
    Very few of you know anything about the internal problems at SC, and the long term problem which has never been solved, and that is the basketball program. Enfield is a stock broker not a basketball coach he needs to get out of basketball, and I think he is beginning to see that himself so it is time to resign at the end of the season.
    If Issiah Mobley is “blue chip” recruit something is wrong. There is height but no talent. Colorado, has 0 blue chip recruits, but they have a COACH as does UTAH.
    The only two good basketball coaches that USC has had are:
    Bob Boyd, and Stan Morrison. Henry Bibby, might be 3rd because he knew how to teach team basketball, and fundamentals.

    Question: Here is the bottom line:
    If Andy Enfield led the nation in free throw shooting when he played then why each year is his team at the bottom in team free throw percentage.
    Dear Forest Twogood- I see you looking down from heaven tonight wishing you could make a 3.5 million salary in a still losing program with 0 attendance.

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