USC Morning Buzz: The Cost Of Being A Donor

With the USC season-ticket deadline on March 6, it’s also worth remembering that your the quality of your seats are determined by how much you donate.

Here are the current groups USC lists as part of the Trojan Athletic Fund. It must be a bitter pill to swallow paying another $10,000-$30,000 per year with Clay Helton in command.

Scholarship Club: $30,000 per year

The Committee: $10,000 per year

Cardinal and Gold Premier: $5,500

Cardinal and Gold/Women of Troy: $3,000

$2,500 — Ages 31-35

$2,000 — Ages 30 and under

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Cost Of Being A Donor

  1. I’d donate my heart, but it’s broken. I keep thinking the head coach has reached the bottom enough to be fired, but like cancer he comes back to destroy another season.
    I’d donate my brain, but it’s insane and there enough insane donors already. I gotta stop doing the same thing And expecting different results.
    I’d donate all of my SC gear but the Goodwill has too many jerseys from disgruntled fans.
    I guess they really do just want money

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  2. Well said, Truman. I will follow up with the fact that you cannot donate money, because that would be throwing good money after bad. With this crew (Folt/Bohn/Helton/Enfield), it would be a better use of funds to blow it all in Vegas. And oh how I hate going to Vegas…

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  3. All I can say is, the student-athletes deserve better than Clay Helton. I just hope he is sitting up in the booth without a headset so he doesn’t destroy another season. Maybe the new coaching staff can operate without a head coach? Can’t make the team any worse. Fight On student-athletes!

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    1. We need Helton ON the field. Somebody has to be in charge of time outs (calling two in a row, calling them when we’re 3rd and goal with lots of momentum & need a genius to slow us down, calling them for no particular reason only to get a delay of game when the team sets up again, etc.), presiding over ‘penalty discipline’ by giving a player a mildly dirty look if he holds or interferes (or kicks a guy) and, probably most critically, assuring that we have at least 10 players on the field at all times.
      These are the areas Helton has carved out for himself…..and they need to be honored.

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      1. Michael, in terms of Helton’s on the field presence, don’t forget the key areas of “Multiple same numbered players on the field at the same time” and “Center snaps 5 feet over the head of the QB”.


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      2. It takes a special kind of “loving” coach to hear Toa LAUGH in an interview about his snaps [“Ha ha. Sorry, J. T! Ha ha!”] and hear his O-Line coach say, “We do some things right. We do some things wrong!” —-and stick with them!

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      3. Mike, Any word on the grad transfer left tackle? I think I remember reading about a potential LT about to come in.


      1. No question! And I expect the football team in particular to rise above their Head Coach’s mediocrity. [I think the team expected more leadership from Helton in the first Alabama contest —they have no illusions in that regard anymore —and that’s gonna be a plus].

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      2. As Joan points out, they deserve better leadership. If a few can step forward this season as leaders, it could make a big difference.

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      3. Michael, it is so ironic that Folt and Bohn et. al. keep talking about Clay’s integrity and honesty.

        If I put myself in his position, and knowing the damage I was doing to this program, and having people pay tons of $$ every year to watch a substandard product, year after year, I wouldn’t stay on. Just couldn’t do it.

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      4. I know talk is cheap —but I couldn’t do it either. Clay would be remembered with great affection if he had held a surprise press conference after the Cotton Bowl in which he said he loved the team so much he wanted them to be coached by the best….and he wasn’t the man for the job.

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      5. You guys (& I include the Wolfster) need Helton & Enfield to remain so you have someone to kick around.

        As El Presidanté of the CHelton Fan Club, I salute the coach. Playing blind people, throwing team sideline discipline to the wind, exhausting excess timeouts to agonize over whether he goes to Ruth’s Chris or Mortens tonight.

        #WhereCanISpendMy$168,000Check tonight?


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