Mike Bohn On Clay Helton

USC athletic director Mike Bohn is doing more media and he addressed the expectations for Clay Helton in an interview with the Athletic.

 “We just talked about our mutual commitment to obviously meet the expectations of our fans and our expectations of our rich history, the expectations of our former players,” Bohn said. “All the constituents who are important. And together we’re going to work to do that.”

What does this mean? Nothing, really.

It sounds good but the proof will be in what Bohn does after the season. If USC goes 9-3, will Bohn have the authority/courage to fire Helton? That is the only way to judge.

“I think our role is USC has to establish itself as the gold standard in the league,” Bohn said.

That will be difficult under Helton.

7 thoughts on “Mike Bohn On Clay Helton

  1. “Our mutual commitment to constituents and history.” Say this sentence over again and you’ll appreciate all that’s wrong with USC.

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  2. I’m not sure about all my brothers on Inside USC —but when I hear the name Clay Helton, I don’t think in terms of Gold Standard…….

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  3. Hit the nail on the head, Wolfie.
    Am waiting with baited breath for Coach Bohn’s comments when Bama throughly embarasses SC in the opening game, afterwich “gentleman” clay will once again be on the hottest of hot seats wehther he wants to admit it or not.

    Helton has stated that he’s already looking at Bama tape – so he’s going to have 6 month’s preparation for this opponent. He got around 17 returning starters and the finest offensive and defensive coordinators. Oh and he has that feeling that something really big will happen this year.

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    1. No need to wait, agent13. Here they are: “As I said, USC is good but we’re not great yet…….”


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