Morning Buzz: USC Wants To Take Back The West . . . And Texas

It’s clear the one thing that matters around USC football these days is recruiting.

Donte Williams is probably being treated/hyped as much as any coach since Kliff Kingsbury. It feels like Williams is offering everyone USC has a passing interest in.

Then you have the high-energy, military-schtick of Todd Orlando and Craig Naivar, that will probably win over some less-discerning recruits.

But where does Graham Harrell fit into all this? He hasn’t distinguished himself as a recruiter yet. Unless you count signing a couple three-star players from Texas.

I’m not sure yet of Harrell’s worth in recruiting, especially for a guy who makes $1.2 million. Maybe he just tells Williams who to recruit.

The funny part is one day you hear USC”s recruiting slogans are “Take back the West” and “Restoring order” and the next day you hear about a concerted effort to recruit in Texas, where about half the staff seems to be from. USC could probably put a great class together if it just took back Southern California.

  • USC was interested in Minnesota athletic director Mark Coyne, according to the St. Paul Pioneer-Press. He was probably one of the 5-10 candidates who reportedly withdrew from the search.

17 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Wants To Take Back The West . . . And Texas

  1. Mark Coyne probably wasn’t into doing his job with handcuffs on. My guess is Bohn thought the lady was joking when had him try them on. I’ll bet he wishes he had withdrawn his name also.
    Ask Helton if there’s an I in team. He’ll probably say no but there’s a ME in momeee

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    1. Maybe it would have been a good idea for Bohn to ask Folt why no one else wanted the job…..


  2. …rats deserting a sinking ship? Now how will they get in shape w/o a S & C coach at a critical time.

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    1. Like all great programs, eventually they get plundered through coaching changes to the point where they cannot sustain the success. Alabama has the best head coach in college football, he alone has dragged this out for a really long run, but that window might be closing soon. Pretty sure our game this year won’t be the death knell, but here’s hoping!

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      1. You see this in boxing matches sometimes —the longtime champion begins showing a thousand little weaknesses before the big fight….

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    1. gt –USC’s admission problems seem sweet and innocent —easily forgivable ——whereas UCLA’s are dark and ugly—never to be forgotten or forgiven….

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      1. “The child of any parent who doesn’t have at least a half million tucked away for college doesn’t deserve to be called a Trojan……..”
        –Bernie Sanders 1972 (found, oddly, at footnote # 2 of his essay on female sexual fantasies —the one he’s now calling a “dark attempt at satire”].


  3. Since when can a weak, Inexperienced head coach, who lacks discipline, direction, and leadership skills, just throw together a bunch of average assistant coaches, and win a national championship? And not to mention, USC has not been a physical football team since Pete Carroll left for the NFL . I’ve never seen a finesse college football team in the NCAA playoffs, so don’t expect to see the Trojans there anytime soon.

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    1. Always come away from a Michael Pittman interview with the same feeling — this is a good kid with a good work ethic who will never hurt the team with ‘personal issues’ —amazing that Helton couldn’t see this w/o Michael’s dad running interference for him….

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