Why Will Clay Helton Turn It Around?

Here’s a couple more excerpts from Mike Bohn’s interview with the Athletic.

Q: What’s the main football reason you’re confident Clay Helton can get this back on track?

A: You look at the last two (New Year’s Six) games we’ve been in in the last 10 years, Clay was the head coach for both of them.

REACTION: Did Bohn watch the Cotton Bowl loss to Ohio State? Also, both those games had something more important than Helton: Sam Darnold.

Q: The biggest moment of your first three months was bringing Clay Helton back for 2020. The decision has been made, but regarding the circumstances around it, would you do the 11-day wait (between the end of the regular season and the announcement) differently if you had the chance?

A: It’s been three months and a lot has passed, and I think too much was made of the wait. The bottom line is any time you have a new AD or a new leader in a significant role, whether it’s in intercollegiate athletics or any other major piece, and you’ve been there three weeks, there’s aspects of relationships and conversations that are critical to be held. I believe that process allowed us to align on that central administration piece I’m talking about, partners on campus, and now we’re in a way different place. I think that was a nice benefit of at least that timing.

REACTION: The 11-day wait was a debacle and so was making the announcement on twitter. The answer is full of confusing gobbledygook.

22 thoughts on “Why Will Clay Helton Turn It Around?

  1. The truth? I think not. I believe and would not be surprised to see others who think Mike Bohn is a politician on a college campus. The only reason he brought Helton back is because they are part of the same club. Clay and Mike for congress in 2022-Because on good fumble deserves another

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  2. Answer: “You look at the two New Year’s Six games we’ve been in the last 10 years—they’ve both been Clay….of course, I should mention all the coaches over the last 10 years were hired by Pat Haden — so they’ve all been dumber than cat shit…”

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    1. 2017 Rose Bowl required 5 TDs from Darnold, plus Ju Ju, plus Adoree, plus Deontay, and required that the clock run out on Penn State.

      2017 Cotton Bowl: Darnold was sacked something like 10 times, no Ju Ju, no Adoree, perhaps the most lopsided 24-7 game I have ever seen. If Meyer had kept his foot on the gas, it could have been 49-7.

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      1. True, 67 [btw, I don’t know which is more humiliating —getting beat 49-7 —or having a great coach take pity on you and call the dogs off]….

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      2. I took the time to watch a recap of the game. What a joke. The first two Ohio State touchdowns were scored in whiffed tackles. Almost all of the kickoff returns never made it past the 15 yard line. Helton challenged a call, which cost a timeout. USC finally scored and kicked off out of bounds. A field goal attempt bounced off the uprights. Darnold was mediocre at best against a real defense and gave the ball up 4 times including a pick six. And the icing on the cake? We had a player ejected for fighting. The extreme lack of discipline was appalling.
        Bohn could have watched the whole game in 40 minutes to see how bad the coaching was for that game.
        11 days was buying time to hire Urban. ( who managed to get his way with the refs throughout the game)

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      3. 67- You made a huge mistake by not mentioning Leon Mcquay ( the third) & the ineptitude of the Penn State play- calling. Second minor issue is that without Sam’ s rescue of us against Texas & stopping Utah on a 2 point conversion instead of overtime- we would not have been invited to the Cotton Bowl. Going to Maui instead of watching the blood bath against Alabama. Nick &Steve licking “ their chops “ waiting for dinner on September 5th. Stay happy and healthy, 99% of your comments are skillfully composed ( great batting average)

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  3. Clay Helton was also the HC for two losses in the same – and minor – bowl game. The last one happened to be a blowout, too.



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    1. I think we all know the answer to that question, marvienna….

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      1. I don’t know if you remember me from years ago on Wolf old site, I am the Mental Health Professional that wanted & called for Helton’ s firing before the Cotton Bowl & I believe that I correctly stated that the end was near. This will be the third year in a row that my money will be in my pocket instead of being a season ticket holder & Cardinal & Gold member. I’m remember you and your phenomenal Wit & your fabulous sense of humor. Who the hell is Just Owns ( dire need of medical attention!)

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      2. Someone played a practical joke on me re: my response- that is what happens when you are at work and leave your computer on. It’s Bobby- not sissy ( my patients have called me worse)

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  4. I don’t believe Mike Bohn wanted Clay Helton back, no productive athletic director would, because their reputation is on the line. Nobody knows what went on behind closed doors with the administrations decision to bring Helton back, but whenever something doesn’t make sense, then there’s usually a lies behind it. If Bohn has any knowledge at all about football coaching, and productivity, then he knows Helton’s days are numbered after four years of mediocrity, and disarray.

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  5. Put it this way, Helton is like Barney Fife, a bumbling person who has good intentions that lead to getting their ass kicked all over the place. Helton will not lead the team to greatness. That will be Orlando, the new dc coordinator. Give Helton a set of head phones that are not plugged in nor a microphone. Just let him look like he is leader. Let the assistant coaches lead the speeches. All Helton has to do is show up, look interested, shake hands, and leave. he doesn’t communicate with the press.

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  6. SC will always need a male alpha. He needs discipline, knows how to motiviate, can chew someone up and not think about it, but also give compliments when earned. He has to be a smart ass, know what the other guy is doing before he even thinks of it. He will not be afraid of discplining the team, and having full contact all the time. He needs a sense of humor as well. I’m looking for a General George S. Patton type of guy. Helton is not this.

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    1. You described John McKay, pt. In his book, “The Wit and Wisdom of John McKay”, Coach said that you need to know what motivates whom —‘some guys need a kick in the ass, some guys play better if you treat them gently….but everybody needs to expect to be told when they’re doing something wrong……’

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      1. Michael,
        Yes about McKay and Marv Goux. Dave Levy was the brains though. Lindsey the DC was awesome. These are the coaches I grew up with. Then you had Hudson Houck. he was good.

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  7. Bohn is a dimwit idiot. He’s learning the total BS spin from the other dimwit Helton.
    Waiting 11 days.
    Losing any advantage with recruits.
    Trying to sign players with a fired staff and an embarrassing loss to a 3rd rate Iowa Team.
    Great sense of urgency during the Pre bowl period.
    Just a continuation of poor coaching!

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  8. WHAT? Scott is puzzling and some of you guys, put down the sipping whiskey and read what Bohn says, because Scott isn’t gonna point it out.

    “There’s aspects of relationships and conversations that are critical to be held. I believe that process allowed us to align on that central administration piece I’m talking about, partners on campus, and now we’re in a way different place.”


    Bohn may or may not be a good AD going forward– right now I dunno if his obvious AD as Shadow HC idea is worse than just hitting bottom and bouncing up fresh and new– but at least he has some self respect. And at least he is doing all he can to signal that Helton was not his call.


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