USC Notes: Offensive Line Doesn’t Impress New Coaches

I’m hearing a lot of USC’s new coaching staff (too many members to recount) has the same concerns as many of us who watched the Trojans last season: The offensive line needs help for next season and is going to be a weak spot.

It’s apparent on film and apparent from who is coming back, is what the new coaches have said.

And I’ve yet to hear any coaches think the incoming freshmen linemen will be able to contribute immediately.

  • The LA Bowl finally put out an official announcement: SoFi Stadium will host the LA Bowl starting December 2020. (Mountain West’s No. 1 Selection versus Pac-12’s No. 5 Selection).

That should be a game worth skipping.

  • UC Davis is getting paid $400,000 by Tulsa in its replacement game for USC. That means Davis will make a total of $1,125,000 when you throw in the money USC is required to pay for canceling the game.

13 thoughts on “USC Notes: Offensive Line Doesn’t Impress New Coaches

  1. Nothing new here. Drevno needs to step up and coach the heck out of those guys. It’s not like we don’t have any talent, but need coaching, something we haven’t seen in years. And glad UC Davis could find another game. SC should pay them out. Shouldn’t have scheduled it in the first place. Let’s move on and work hard to make this the best team it can possibly be, even with Helton still there. Personally, I think he is nothing but a loser, and a drag on the program, but be that as it may, we sure have a great staff. It can be a new style of coaching. By committee and working together to establish a new identity and culture. Hopefully next season, the last remnants of a nightmare decade will be gone. Fight On!! PS. I was just thinking what a great group of DBs Donte Williams has this year. It should be fun to watch them grow. Very excited about that position group. And the linebackers. I bet we get a lot more production out of them, too. Not to mention the D line.

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  2. Poor Recruiting.. Extremely poor coaching.
    Now a graduate transfer with bad knees.
    Concussion protocols are definitely in effect this upcoming season.
    I wonder if we’ll have a QB standing after the Alabama game? I doubt it.
    USC has an abundance of embarrassing
    Issues to address. But with this upcoming
    Spring Showcase BS.. Not having competitive Full speed contact practices. USC is again at a competitive disadvantage.
    Doesn’t anybody learn from past mistakes?
    Apparently Not!
    Everyone is Fat, Dumb and Happy…

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    1. I am as UNhappy and upset as you are, Bill, as well as the former players I know. The question is, what to do about the help force changing it? I am still beside myself regarding the reports of Folt disqualifying Urban Meyer, the retention of Clay Helton (after dicking around for two weeks after the season) and Mike Bohn’s ineffectiveness (perhaps due to Folt). It’s unreal, and a complete dumpster fire full of old tires. Discontinuing donations (for those who provide the larger ones) and not showing up for games is certainly the easy way to make displeasure known, but it would be great to see the Trojan Football Alumni and major donors to collectively lead a massive revolt, whatever it takes.

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  3. So, then, regarding the LA Bowl, it’s probably going to be Boise State vs. USC, then. LOL! Jerry Palm can pencil that one in now. At least the ten or twenty different SC fans willing to attend that bowl game will have a quick drive home, as a consolation.

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  4. All of the new coaches are either defensive coaches or special teams. Why are they concerning themselves with the offensive line. They should be evaluating the defensive players. Wish Scott would name his sources.


    1. No, Scott takes shots without naming his sources. Also, why would any practical or fair coach comment on the ability of incoming linemen to contribute immediately even BEFORE spring practical starts!


  5. Clay Helton’s football philosophy is to build the team from the outside in with lots of receivers, and a few other finesse players, even though the top teams in the playoffs, year after year, do it the complete opposite. Helton’s teams have NEVER been dominant along the lines of scrimmage, which is why you’ll never see him coaching in a national championship game…. NEVER!!! HE JUST DOESNT GET !


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