The “Experts” Weigh In On USC Leaving Pac-12

I see Colin Cowherd and Clay Travis endorsed USC leaving the Pac-12.

That’s enough reason to think this is a bad idea. When the blowhards endorse something, beware. Cowherd is the guy who said, “I don’t know how you could vote for anybody but Clay Helton at USC,” for national coach of the year in 2016 when USC finished third in the Pac-12.

Here’s the thing: USC and UCLA agreed to smaller shares of the media rights deals back when Pat Haden was athletic director in order to make the expansion to a Pac-12 equitable. USC and UCLA used to get a bigger share because they are in the nation’s No. 2 media market.

This is a legitimate issue to analyze: USC (and UCLA) need to increase their revenue. And they should do what they can to increase it.

It’s not great to rely on the opinion of Commissioner Cowherd or Commissioner Travis to figure out what USC should do.

26 thoughts on “The “Experts” Weigh In On USC Leaving Pac-12

  1. ucla made perhaps the worst deal with the Pac-12 network. They had to repurchase their broadcast rights from IMG to the tune of around $6 million.

    The network is failing. ATT U-Verse bailed, losing another 500,000 viewers a year or so ago.

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    1. Dan Guerrero has helped de-emphasize football at Westwood High like no other. He’s even more incompetent than former AD Pete Dalis, who set up and fired the last ruin hoops coach to win a NC because he “wanted to win the right way”.

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      1. He not cheap and does know how to fire an HFBC, as opposed to bozo u FB.

        Let’s see, 8 years at 3.2 million per is 25.6 million bones the bozo u BB program has paid Andyain’twinning. Considering the monumental stupidity of paying Andyain’twinning, the colossal SUCCX loser 25 million to wreck the SUCCX BB program makes Guerrero’s mistakes seem tame by comparison.

        BTW 22, what’s the total cash nut for the Dr. Tyndall circus?



      2. Reminder,
        The last coach to win, err buy a championship at ugly was Jim Harrick. he followed the legend himself in cheating and guru was Johnny “Cheetin'” Wooden. It is in their DNA to cheat. when you fill out a job application at ugly, the first comment is:
        Are you willing to cheat and to what extent will you go to help ugly win?

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  2. Well isn’t that sweet, UCLA is just another entity in a long of list of those screwed sideways by the Prince of SUCCX, St. Pat.


  3. I have wanted USC to leave the PAC 12 since the launch of their scrappy TV channel. Add in the refs and the weaker half of the conference and you have the trap of a lifetime for a team that used to outshine the rest of the league. If USC leaves, another team should join them. And the little conspiracy person inside of me tells me Helton was retained to make a better balance in the league. Nobody except USC fans enjoys the cakewalks our games used to be. Now we have to earn a win from the likes of San Jose State. Helton is making the PAC 12 league of 12 instead of 1 and the lower teams. We need to be independent.

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  4. SUCCX wants mo’ money, so they constantly whine about leaving the Pac-12 conf. Talk about the baby that cried wolf.

    So go F**king independent – PLEASE. Tomorrow is not too early.

    Just think all those Div II and III cupcakes waiting to be slaughtered for the right price. UC Davis was willing but the bozos pussed and paid UC Davis 750k to go away.

    If SUCCX goes independent, Andyain’twinning can schedule 31 cupcake home BB games and earn a small % of his bloated contract – Just think, no competitive BB at the Galen barn.

    Take your horse and ugly uni’s and go independent, I, for one, can’t wait.


    1. Just rent,

      This tells me you have no life and no radio. IMG is the broadcast company that carries uglies cheetin’ teams on the radio. Listen sometime.

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      1. Owns works at Cerritos Auto Square (South Street, South Street) . He’s the guy who washes your car after they tune it up. He gets all his news from the TV on in the waiting room at the dealership.


      1. The President is like a major turd in the only party punch bowl.

        MG, are you aware the President just appointed Micky P to head the US CoronaVirus epidemic fight? But the HSS Secretary claims he’s still in charge of CoronaVirus program.

        I smell a US catastrophe waiting to happen worse than the PR hurricane debacle. Wouldn’t it be ugly if the President’s political base was decimated by the CV while Trump plays a fiddle?


      2. Poor Owns actually believes what he watches on Fake News CNN and MSNBC where it is the End of the World As We Know It Every Week. Owns curled up into the fetal position when the Mueller Report showed there was no Russian Collusion after a 3 year investigation. Then the Impeachment fiasco sent him to the Psych Ward for a week. Hey Owns, how is WWIII against Iran going , you dimwit?


      3. My gut instinct tells me that when SC decides to go Indy, the PAC will cry alligator tears & wish the school well. Bon Voyage baby cakes.
        And welcome Boise St. A well coached team in trade for a poorly coached team. What’s not to like?
        PAC is about getting tired of the drama queen SC has become.
        If we could loose Larry Scott at the same time, damn, a twofer.

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  5. If only Trump had an independent Attorney General like when JFK had his own brother RFK, BJ Clinton had Janet “Waco” Reno and Obama had Fast and Furious Gun Smuggler Eric Holder.

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      1. If only 22, you could think for yourself instead of regurgitating Fox Fake News’ daily bullet points. I have a parrot that squawks F**K Fox News. That makes it more intelligent than you by 40 IQ points.



  6. Who cares what Colin Cowherd, or Clay Travis thinks, the bottom line is, USC would be better off leaving the weak PAC 12. Notre Dame has been doing very well as a independent, and SC is one of only a few schools that could follow their blueprint with success

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