Morning Buzz: USC-Arizona State Feud Heats Up

It looks like Arizona State coaches are fed up with USC’s “Take back the West” slogan for recruiting. Here are some tweets from Sun Devils assistant coaches Prentice Gill and Chris Hawkins.

And then USC assistant coach Donte Williams responded:

The irony is Gill was a USC graduate assistant in 2018 and Hawkins is a former USC safety and was a graduate assistant in 2019. Also, Gill and Williams were assistants together last season at Oregon.

So this is probably just a bunch of bluster and banter. But usually coaches don’t engage in trash talk with each other on twitter. Hawkins’ comment was a huge indictment on the staff he worked on at USC last year since he seems to concede Arizona State owned the West.

23 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC-Arizona State Feud Heats Up

  1. If I were Herm Edwards , I’d shut my assistant coaches up, and tell them to do their jobs. Because recruiting for ASU already speaks for itself, they’ve done surprisingly well under Edwards. As for the insecure coaches over at USC, they need the “Take Back The West” slogan to convince themselves that’s something they’re going to do. But it hasn’t happen under Clay Helton, and probably won’t, because he’s already established himself as a buffoon.

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    1. Fan Boy —To put things in their proper context, the whole pitch is “Take back the West …..send Helton East…very far East….past the Atlantic.”
      Every recruit who hears it smiles.

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  2. At this moment in time. If I were USC, I would shut up and attempt to fix your multiple problems with your lousy Football program!
    Talk is very cheap! Especially with a new football assistant..
    The “Take Back the West” statement is a joke!!
    It reminds me of UCLA”s stupid claim about owning LA!! That didn’t work out did it?
    It starts this Spring practice…. Are you going to hit each other or do some piss assed pussy
    Showcase Bullshit?
    Are you going to copy the elite teams way of doing this? Or follow Helton’s game plan?
    Resulting in getting your asses handed to you?
    When I played at SC, we never ever boosted about how good we were.
    The press was off limits to the staff and players. Only Coach McKay talked..
    We did our talking on the field!

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    1. Maybe you shoulda worn your helmet a couple of those practices….
      Just wondering why you don’t post under your own name any longer? Are you suffering from CTE? Interesting that you don’t consider yourself a Trojan any longer either, sounds like your more the good time charlie, claiming allegiance when it suits you. I hope your not practicing dentistry any longer (was it in Newport Bch or AZ?) ..but if you are, I was wondering if you practice the same way you did when you graduated?
      Where are all your teammates? Why aren’t they here with you substantiating your comments.
      Things that are different from the sixties…
      Remote control tv
      Phone booths
      Smog control
      Your senility
      Social media

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      1. Sorry Michael, just wondering how the internet works, somebody shows up, says he’s someone, then forgets his login (supposedly his own name) and we’re supposed to believe he’s who he says he is? 2x National Championship Team member, a graduate of our Dental school and he spends his time on this site talking about USC & Trojans but not raising his voice like JDR, Willie McGinest or others who really care by writing open letters posted on their FB pages or writing and sending emails to the athletic department…yeah I believe him.
        I seemed to have forgotten the golden rule of the internet…”everything we read is true…everyone is who they say they are.”

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      2. And that folks is when the fight started.

        Jensen, I partially agree with you. SC, with that PR slogan, is just full of bull. Chest pumping. Just do it & don’t talk about it. Walk it, don’t talk it.

        Chinese pres Xi stating China’s 2035 goal of being the center of the economic world. How’s that working out for him opening his big mouth?

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      3. Pudly76..
        First of all..
        Fuck You!
        I forgotten more Football Than you’ll Ever
        I have given up on USC Football until they make significant changes… Firing Helton and staff..
        I have, for the last Four years, Talked to Helton, Swann, JK McKay, Tessalone, Orr, Folt, Bohn and My teammates about the state of USC Football.. Have You?
        I use TrojanWB because that means more to me.. I was the 1969 Team CoCaptain.
        You criticize me for not using my Name.
        What a hypocrite, what is Pudly76?
        BTW, I’m a better Dentist now than when I graduated from USC Dental School with Honors.
        I spent 8 years at USC and it was fantastic.. I wouldn’t go there now!
        They have too many problems and zero
        You’re a Twit!!


  3. I think USC is doing a swell job. We are going to win the PAC12 this year on sweat and tears. If we do not win this year, it is because our team is young. There is no one over 22 years of age on my team so please keep that in mind. Please carry on.

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      1. Michael, the “Coach” forgot he has a 28 year-old, 6’5″, 240 pound punter, who came to camp last year able to hit it over 70 yards in the air, but somehow averaged around 40 yards during the season.


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      2. The distance of Ben’s kicks in 2019 is such a mystery, 67. See if you can help me out. Ben was famous in Australia for being able to kick a ball 70 yards. When he came to USC, Dan Weber reported that he witnessed Ben repeatedly and consistently kick the ball between 65 and 70 yards. Then Ben was introduced to USC coaching and he never again kicked a ball 65 yards. He never came close. And three of his kicks —all in critical situations — didn’t go 30 yards…… I can’t figure it out…..

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  4. Did/would/could the fbi and prosecutors make Singer lie?

    … “Loud and abrasive call with agents,” Singer wrote in his notes. “They continue to ask me to tell a fib and not restate what I told my clients as to where their money was going — to the program not the coach and that it was a donation and they want it to be a payment.”


  5. Gentlemen- some of you are gluttonous due to your extreme loyalty. I’m surprised that there is no allowances for venting anger and/ or frustration of others that are Alumni and/ or fans for more than 30 years or longer ( my case 44 years class of 88). These new “ lions “ still have yet to prove anything to their cubs. I’m waiting for the next player to ask for the Transfer Portal. Finally- when the coaches are considered lions PLEASE remember that the leader of the pack is “SCAR” ( for those who don’t comprehend this analogy- Rewatch the Lion King)


    1. Art
      I respectfully disagree with you. The asst coach is acting like a loudmouth brat. It might make a difference to a 17yr old but not his parents. A lot of professional parents will look at that SC coach & wonder if trash talking is part of the plan.
      I seem to remember ‘biggee’ & his trash talking a couple of years ago & he helped embarrass SC against a bunch of hippies.
      No asst speaks for a program. The AD & HC do.
      All those asst coaches on both sides are doing is p.o.’ing off the other school. Once you open your mouth, the words don’t go back in. Choose your words carefully.


  6. Herm and his coaches can shut the fuck up. They got beat beat by the Trojans and Herm and his crew just talk .


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