Mike Bohn Pours Some Water On USC Leaving Pac-12

Well, this is not a surprise.

USC athletic director Mike Bohn, outside the friendly confines of a fan-site interview, decided to add “context” to his comments about taking the Trojans out of the Pac-12.

“The answer is no,” Bohn told CBS Sports on Thursday. “Why would we do that? We’ve got 21 sports here. You know the drill. There would be no way for us to do that.”

Bohn added, “Now, that being said, if the unexpected happened and NBC said, ‘Hey we want to partner you guys with Notre Dame’ … then that’s different.’ ”

I’m not sure if anyone besides USC message boards think the Trojans can get NBC to give them a deal like Notre Dame.

“There’s no talk of [leaving], but guess what? If it was on the table, we would certainly explore that,” Bohn said. “But I’ve got to be careful. The league is really tender.

“The context that I was talking about was whether it was league TV stuff, creative pieces with any other type of deliverable, it has to be on the table. Guess what? If that helps [the league] understand the importance of what our campuses are going through, so be it.

“I don’t want to walk it back, but hopefully that gives it a little more context.”

He basically walked it back. Like the saying goes, when you are explaining, you are losing.

  • USC will be required to make sweeping changes to its Title IX procedures according to announcement by the Dept. of Education.

USC failed to tell the federal govt. that were multiple complaints about Dr. George Tyndall while it was under a previous Title IX investigation.


16 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Pours Some Water On USC Leaving Pac-12

  1. In the words of Michael Guarino, “Larry Scott needs to take a knee.”

    Big 10 is distributing about $55 million per school
    SEC is distributing about $45 million per school
    Pac-12 is distributing about $31 million per school

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    1. 67 —Why does Mike Bohn like to speak in daffy hypotheticals and “guess whats”? Why can’t he just say “here’s what I plan to do”? Or at least “here’s what I’d like to do”?

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      1. 67 — I’m not trying to be funny…but… I’m not sure he has the scent….

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      2. on the one hand, i am glad to see bohn is out and talking about SC’s athletic programs and trying to stir up some enthusiasm. on the other hand, he doesnt seem like the best communicator. it is important not to waffle on issues, and this interview just sounds like too much back and forth. he could have walked it back by simply saying that everything is always on the table, but that it would have to be a great offer for it to make sense for the university.

        i wish they would get a really good communications person in there to teach them how to communicate with the media about sports.

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      3. I believe he does that only when he has to think for himself. He’s usually quite clear when Coach Folt hands him his speach.


    2. Alabama 52 – SUCCX 6 and zero TD’s. Oh sure, expect Notre Dame to generously share it’s lucrative, exclusive NBC FB contract with Clown U, the OCC of the West.

      The Boner threatens to go Independent and then the pussy claims his “everything is on the table” threat was rhetorical BS. The Boner hasn’t been on the job for 6mos and already he’s acting like a whiny Wonderbread AH, with a white buck loafer and a pink carnation attitude.


    3. His communication skills are pathetic- It is a defensive mechanism to avoid noticing the “ strings “ above his head. I’m certain that his authority has a limited basis & it’s confirmed by his lackluster responses. I’m willing to go on a “ limb” and state the obvious “ He speaks in hypothetical “GUMBO” because he needs a feeling of security and that is due to having to answer to Folt in daytime & his wife at night. Any Moron can spout “ Everything is on the Table & “ 4 silent commits” and come back at a later time and spin it positively- as an attorney you are experienced in this phenomenon.

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      1. Memo to mule
        Ruins in post season bowl last year? Zero, easy number for you to remember mule. Same number as your originality score.


  2. Wow, I’m beginning to like Bohn. and i thought I never would. He put something big out there, and while there’s obviously tons of pressure, he’s baiting the hooks and putting them out there.

    People who want him to not speak in hypotheticals and to not say things in a way that you know what he means but he doesn’t destroy relationships, stop living in pretend world.

    He could be the real deal, or he could still screw things up, but it is a huge recovery from where he was.

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