Will USC Beat Arizona?

Big game at the Galen Center tonight.

USC has some issues with Nick Rakocevic and Jonah Mathews battling the flu since last weekend but this should be a winnable game for the Trojans.

The problem, like with every game, is whether Andy Enfield will find a way to mess things up, usually with no plan at the end of the game.

USC is a 5-point underdog. But Arizona has pretty much lost to every good team it played this year, including Oregon twice. I’d feel better picking UCLA over Arizona right now but that is the Enfield effect.

11 thoughts on “Will USC Beat Arizona?

    1. Michael, it was a good win, particularly without Rakocevic. Did you catch Onyeka’s channeling of Steph Curry with his 70 foot heave?

      Enjoyed hearing Bill Walton going nuts over a Trojan bucket.

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      1. Bruins win a squeaker against a very good Arizona State team. . They believe in themselves. They’re well coached.
        USC’s last home game won’t be easy.

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  1. Pretty sure Miller and Enfield switched bodies for that game. Arizona watched so much USC tape that they played like USC. It was kinda weird to watch. I’m glad USC won but it was a bizarre game.

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  2. Trojans can’t score worth a damn. Pac – 12 is garbage. Shoot FT’s
    worst than a high school team. Lucky they got Utomi to transfer in
    as a grad student. Playing good defense when they don’t give up
    in some of the games.


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