USC Handles Arizona

USC defeated Arizona, 57-48, at the Galen Center.

If you want to doubt the NET rankings, Arizona entered the contest ranked No. 7 nationally. The team I saw Thursday night looked nowhere near a top 20 team. The Wildcats shot 28 percent and were 3-26 on 3-pointers.

Jonah Mathews didn’t look like he had the flu. He played 33 minutes and scored 14 points.

Was that victory enough to guarantee the NCAA Tournament bid?

7 thoughts on “USC Handles Arizona

    1. Tim —Sincere question to a veteran USC fan: How Big is the “IF” when it comes to USC’s football team beating Alabama….


      1. Well, my ‘if’ was more about the bsktbl team, the big guys underneath go all 40,even shoot their free throws at a high %…the guards are fire and ice at the line ,at 3’s , and 2 pointers. Nobody does it on purpose, they just are not disciplined , and/or confident enough. I recall a Larry Bird quote, when asked how is he always seems to make the ‘clutch’ long range shots…his answer…’why shouldn’t I, I practice and practice them.’
        The football team has no ‘if’ potential as long as hellton runs anything, it will always be an Iowa or Ohio St, or Bama result…they are never prepared ’cause they never really prepare for real football vs real well practiced, real game prepared teams…’WHEN’ hellton is gone/or placed in some position of little to no authority that is ‘WHEN’ SC will return to real full speed blocking and tackling practices and real game prep. Spring fling needs to return to real spring football prep…same for fall and the regular season practices. Last yr started with the usual hype and turned right back to same old , same old.


  1. Arizona was the #4 Seed in a lot of brackets going into this game. Enfield needed a win. It didn’t matter who it was against but luckily it was AZ.

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    1. you are correct the defense has improved…if the sickness problem goes away ,they keep that same intensity,they could finish strong with 40 mins of real effort.


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