USC Morning Buzz: Recruit Gets Unvarnished View Of Team

I spoke to a recruit who signed with USC in December and asked him what the coaches told him during his recruitment.

“They told me I had a chance to play right away because the players at my spot weren’t that good,” the recruit said.

I asked the player if he was surprised USC coaches were critical of existing team members.

“A little bit,” the recruit said. “I thought it was good for me. Maybe not so good for the guys who start.”

One way to look at it is that the coaches are being honest with the recruits. The problem occurs if a recruit actually told his new teammates what the coaches said about them.

9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Recruit Gets Unvarnished View Of Team

    1. That would actually be one of only two ways of understanding that comment, Tim. Either USC isn’t recruiting talent (meaning Helton is screwing up) or USC can’t develop talent (meaning Helton is screwing up).

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      1. Top recruiting classes( # 1-15 or so) last 2 decades…47 4-5 star ones on last yrs team,athletes all the top teams were after, many still on the team, but no top ones this yr but a few last yr, leads you to what? How did those teams do 2 decades ago before hellton win …nobody went 5-7, or got clobbered in a Bowl game; skipped practices ,soft practices hellton style, etc…the evidence leans towards coaching /practices,etc…good coaching/real preparation was absent. Many of the athletes even finally talked about it. All those top teams that went after those same sc recruited 4-5 stars know how to continue the development , hellton does not. 47 , that’s 2 first and 2nd string teams. Think about it , there is only one reason based on all the evidence.


  1. Nothing wrong with that because it is true. Actually they brought in some very good lineman. Also while their line isn’t ‘good’ by good team standards, you and they both are off by saying it’s terrible because it isn’t. You can’t be the #5 passing team in the nation with a terrible o-line or because of one player. One more note. Their recruiting class being ranked so low is due to the fact they only signed 12 football players and didn’t need anything at any position, especially some high maintenance 5 star who would whine he isnt getting enough playing time. So guys went elsewhere and i am sure usc was just fine with that. Next year they will be in the top 4 recruiting as players graduate and they have a ton of scholies and new recruiters.


    1. Wasn’t this class rated somewhere in the mid 30s-40s when adjusted to a per recruit basis? Hardly impressive if looking at it from this perspective either. The final say on how good this class is, like always, will come in a year or two when/if they do something.

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    2. You’re being too easy on Helton. He went after players he didn’t get. He promised surprises that never materialized. He admitted his recruiting failures by not showing up on Signing Day and calling in “sick”…..

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