Coaches’ Press Conference Analysis: Did USC Follow My Mannequin Theory?

The best part about today’s USC coaches’ press conference is Clay Helton did not speak.

The assistant coaches said all the right things and gave the impression things will be a lot more physical . . . and there will be an actual spring game.

What is really apparent is that Helton is a head coach who does almost nothing.

Todd Orlando hired all the defensive coaches. Graham Harrell hired his buddy (John David Baker) as tight ends coach.

I’ve always said a mannequin would do a better job than Helton because the mannequin won’t harm the program. It looks like Mike Bohn followed my advice too.

Special teams coach Sean Snyder gave away another example of Helton’s incompetence today, when Snyder said he had to contact Helton to get hired.

Let’s see, Snyder got demoted a year ago and was not even an on-field coach at Kansas State. And it never occurred to Helton to call him? Snyder had been the special teams coach at K-State for years. Even I heard of him. But Helton didn’t, apparently.

It’s like USC leaking that it almost hired Dave Aranda as defensive coordinator. Well, Aranda wanted to be USC defensive coordinator after the 2015 Holiday Bowl. But Helton wanted Clancy Pendergast.

Bottom line: USC’s odds for success are increased based on the impression made at the press conference.

Mike Bohn is basically holding Helton hostage and having his new band of assistants run the program.

The caveats are Harrell was inconsistent last season, doesn’t run the ball or protect his QBs; Orlando talks a good game but got fired at Texas and his defenses got worse every season; and we don’t really know how good a coach Williams is or what he can do other than recruit?

But it is better than last season.

15 thoughts on “Coaches’ Press Conference Analysis: Did USC Follow My Mannequin Theory?

    1. hard to tell…one is brain dead in football for sure,so maybe he is the lesser…the other is brain dead beyond all cognitive reality in all things.

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      1. Hard to pick a favorite Biden gaffe, but two leading contenders (in just the last month are):

        Biden: “150 million Americans have died from gun violence since 2007” (Number is closer to 375,000, which is certainly a tragedy, but is about 450 times smaller than Biden’s number.)

        Biden: “I’m the guy that got Deng Xiaping to sign the Paris Climate Accord” (Deng died in 1997).

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      1. Gee robert, a bit testy today? Can’t remember how to sign in again? Your a real clown. Who would believe that you spent a week a SC, let alone 8 yrs.



  1. I’m tired of people saying that all Tim Drevno has to do is coach up his offensive lineman to make them successful, that’s an absolute joke. If that’s all it took, then they can continue to recruit average players at that position, which is what Bozo Helton has done since his arrival. And Graham Herrell does not coach tough physical football, his offense is great for individual statistics, and entertainment, but definitely not a national championships. So I’ll ignore the tough hype on that side of the ball until I see it .

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      1. I believe that both Lincoln Riley (his offense is similar in many ways to Leach’s ) and Dave Aranda were assistants under Leach.

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      2. Was that a joke Pudly? Leach was with Oklahoma one year ’99, they were 7-5. The next year he was at TT. They ran up kewl offensive numbers though.

        Trojan1967, huh? Aranda is a DC so that’s confusing… And Lincoln Riley’s offense is not like Leach’s, he runs Stoops big, athletic OL dual-threat and a counter-trey running scheme. But that’s academic, he ain’t won shit either.

        No one has won anything with the Air Raid.

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      3. Nice job GC. You completely correct. Proving my #1 law of the internet, just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s so…

        Actually funny that someone would put this out there even.

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  2. We are all Trojan fans and we visit this site to discuss USC Football so let’s leave politics out of the discussion. I certainly can respond to your Biden comments with my own opinions about the corrupt and totally incompetent moron currently occupying the Oval Office.

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  3. Joe Blow Dementia Biden and his Cocaine Son Hardongetting dirty millions of dollars for Running a Company in China which they have No F in clue about the Business and Bernie Fart Communist Simpson that thinks everything is FREE Nothing is FREe some one has to Pay for it and that is YOU making. America into VENEZUELA bankrupt and putting America in $100 Trillion Debt….. the IRS will love u


    1. Dude grow the bleep up. Let’s talk Trojan football. We may disagree about politics. I believe that the incompetent moron in the Oval Office who cannot put two sentences together that make sense. Who kisses up to dictators but gets down on his knees to make Putin feel better. Who has admitted to sexually assaulting women. Who is a racist, and sexist. Who at least 10 members OF HIS OWN CABINET have called stupid ignorant and incompetent. Please. Let’s focus on the common ground we share. Our love of USC Football and our shared dislike of the Folt/Bohn/Helton regime.


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