USC Coaches Meet Media

USC coaches are holding a media day today:

Cornerbacks coach Donte Williams on recruiting: “Win football games. Win, and as much as possible you connect with them.”

On his twitter war with Arizona State assistants: “The old dog (Williams) still has a few trick up his sleeve.”

On coming to USC: “I didn’t come here to be liked. I came here (for USC) to be respected and feared.”

Safeties coach Craig Naivar: “Recruiting is like shaving, if you don’t do it daily you look like crap.”

“It looks extremely complicated for opposing offenses, but it’s really not.”

Defensive line coach Vic So’oto: “Players going out of the state of California is a travesty. That’s priority No. 1”

So’oto said he reached out to Todd Orlando on twitter to get hired. Once again, proof Clay Helton was pretty much uninvolved.

Defensive coordinator Todd Orlando on physical practices: “When we’re knocking the living heck out of each other… that’s when you find out what we’re about.

“We’re going to practice physical. I’m going to promise you that.”

Graham Harrell on going to the Eagles: “To be honest with you, I always thought I’d be a high school football coach. Going to the NFL is not something I’d ever considered. It’s a great opportunity and maybe one day will be the right time. This just wasn’t it.”

Harrell said he will consider moving left guard Alijah Vera-Tucker to left tackle if no one emerges.

Tight ends coach John David Baker once again had to cite North Texas as an example of when Harrell’s offense used a tight end, which makes it debateable if USC will use him next year.

Special teams coach Sean Snyder said he reached out to Clay Helton, which shows Helton did not know who to hire.

36 thoughts on “USC Coaches Meet Media

      1. I’d like to respond in an Ownsian way— “This looks bad. This looks very bad…….”

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      2. “If the subpoena request was approved by the court, Salcedo and his attorneys claim that UCLA records would prove that the university was complicit in the bribery scandal.”


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      3. Damn 22, I checked the Breitbart site for their expose on Trump’s attorney army efforts to quash this lady’s effort to acquire a Trump DNA sample for her rape lawsuit. I’m shocked 22, but there is zero mention of this Trump situation on Breitbart’s website – D’oh!

        You’d think that an innocent Trump would nip this problem right in the bud and submit his DNA sample to get clear of this ugly rape lawsuit.


  1. One of the Ducks websites is suggesting that they will lose 4-star athlete Anthony Beavers, 2021 recruit, to USC ,given Donte Williams moved here:

    “The 6-foot, 195-pound defensive back, out of Narbonne High School (Harbor City, California), had a strong connection with Williams and was still flirting with the idea of looking at other schools.

    I think, in time, Beavers flips to another program – with USC as the likely winner of that battle.”

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  2. Todd Orlando sounds like a tough guy, but if you had all the resources in the world at Texas, then why was their defense average? And why didn’t other programs go after Orlando for their defensive coordinator position during the hot hiring period at the end of the season? I’m just trying to understand why the fans are supposed to get excited about him 🤔 And why was Craig Naivar, and Sean Snyder sitting at home unemployed when USC called ? It seems like Donte Williams was the only hot commodity, because SC had to outbid Oregon for his services.

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    1. Orlando’s first year defense at Texas was pretty great… I’ve heard it said that his intensity kinda begins to wear thin after that….

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      1. During the press conference today, the word of the day seemed to be “violent”.
        We’ll see. It would make me very happy to see a violent Brandon Pili.

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      2. Pudly –My guess: The 1’s on defense are going to be given the opportunity to get pretty darn violent with the 2’s on offense at practice and the spring game….

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    1. So sad that it’s finally become very evident to the actual football program about the state of practices that they have to now emphasize it on social media to try to reach out to us pissed off fans. I’ll believe it when I see it – throughout the entire season.

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      1. Coach Day at Ohio State stopped the tackling during spring games…not that I agree with it and Ed O stopped tackling in Oct last season and won a National Championship and so did the irish the last time they went to the playoffs. So there’s precedence for success.
        That said, I’ll be treading cautiously and not just jumping in belly first.

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  3. Just the typical blowhard bozo, all hat and no cattle, “we be tough” BS.

    SUCCX is still a 50 point dog vs Alabama @ Tixas Stadium.

    #Confidience is silent. Insecurities are loud.

    #Right Dear Pisley, but I forget in your business you have to be loud and lusty.


    1. Sorry didn’t hear you…between chip’s change jingling and my laughter when I saw the the ruins are really getting what they borrowed/stole to pay for….

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      1. Pudly –Sincere question from a neophyte: Is minus 276 good? Is it National Championship level football?

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      2. Michael and Pudly, in terms of the gold handicap, I am thinking -276 is around a 32 handicap (throws clubs in lake) , and -296, takes one all the way up to a 36 handicap (throws clubs in lake, and self after that).


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      3. Pudly –The “empathy unification” factor lies in the fact one is a helpless young woman in a spaghetti strap gown and one is a bruin QB….

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  4. real blocking and tackling as Iowa showed to sc and Bama will be doing, & now sc may be doing may make for a decent yr…even if Bama does clobber sc. One often learns more from dismal mistakes such as ‘pos’ fake practices, and pathetic coaching.

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