USC Morning Buzz: Talking About Pac-12 Takes Heat Off Clay Helton

Mike Bohn continued his media offensive this week, which illustrated a couple things:

1.) If he is talking about leaving the Pac-12, he is not talking about Clay Helton. 2.) If he is comfortable doing multiple media appearances, it means he feels it is safe to re-emerge in the wake of the anger regarding Helton’s return.

In the past couple weeks, Bohn is also writing comments above retweets of USC team’s victories.

Has fan anger subsided? Or have some people gone dormant as a normal function of the offseason?

“Our focus is on doing what’s right for USC, what makes sense for USC, knowing that also is going to help our other partners in the league,” Bohn said Monday regarding the Pac-12..

With the season-ticket deadline Friday, it would be interesting to know how many of those who do not review think bringing Helton back was “right for USC.”

11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Talking About Pac-12 Takes Heat Off Clay Helton

  1. No sense in crying about Clay Helton, because there’s nothing we can do about it. The new coaching staff are a bunch of retreads who didn’t make an impact at their previous programs, so don’t expect anything different just because it’s USC .


    1. If by “retreads” you mean they’ve had (mostly) successful stints at other major programs (Oregon, Texas, Kansas State), I agree with you.

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    2. You’re the same guy who said that Harrell was running Seth Littrell’s offense at UNT and the wheels would come off the Harrell hype train and show it was ALL Littrell…funny stuff. Your analysis is always as on point.
      Oh wait! No it’s not. UNT sucked with a returning senior QB who was a top 5 Heisman candidate and Harrell shined using a true freshman and a journeyman.


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    1. Probably. But I have a feeling our 4th or 5th choice is better than our second and third choices (just not better than our first choice —the brilliant Dave Aranda)…

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      1. Wasn’t it just yesterday the wolf opined “now is the time for Bohn and USC to step up and lead the way” on this issue?
        Yes. Yes it was.


    2. That’s normal.

      Look at the current coaching pedigree- Harrell from North Texas and Helton from Kentucky.

      I am surprised USC did not call San Jose State to see if the defensive coordinator was interested.

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      1. Helton was Quaterbacks coach from Arkansas State! I’m hoping that you would realize your simple oversight that Kentucky is an incredible step -up from your post. Helton’s brother is head coach at Western Kentucky


  2. Politicians do this very well. When there is a subject matter they do not want to speak about they deflect to other more “important” agenda items.

    I hope USC “fans” don’t go soft and give Folt and Bohn a pass this year. Vote with your pocket book.

    Scott Wolf for president!

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    1. You should have started this ‘Scott for President’ thing a tiny bit earlier…

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  3. Trojans announce full “spring game”…

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