There Is No QB Competition

You might hear lip service but let me be clear: There is not a QB competition at USC.

Kedon Slovis is the starting QB.

You know how I know this? Because that is what the USC coaches are telling people behind the scenes.

Why would there be competition? Slovis is the guy. But you know how coaches are, they have to pretend there is competition to make it look good.

Even the figurehead, Clay Helton, knows he can’t overrule everyone and play JT Daniels over Slovis.

  • Barbara Hedges, who worked for 18 years at USC and was senior associate athletics director, has been named as USC’s member of the Pac-12 Hall of Honor. The 12-member class will be honored March 12 at the Pac-12 Hall of Honor.

Full class below:

Sean Rooks (Arizona)Jennifer Azzi (Stanford)
Melissa Belote Ripley (Arizona State)Jonathan Ogden (UCLA)
Don Bowden (California)Barbara Hedges (USC)
Bill Marolt (Colorado)Kathy Kreiner-Phillips (Utah)
Dan Fouts (Oregon)Lincoln Kennedy (Washington)
Joni Huntley (Oregon State)Jeanne Eggart Helfer (Washington State)

33 thoughts on “There Is No QB Competition

      1. I could think of a thousand Trojans who deserve the honor over that Affirmative Action incompetent who ruined the Husky football program and ended up forcing the university to pay Rick Neuheisel $4 million for her libel!

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    1. But Mike: Both Babs and Pat cravenly surrendered to investigators instead of fighting back and set their football programs back at least a decade.

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      1. Wrongful termination, NOT libel, sir/ma’am. The least you could do if you’re going to get up on your soapbox and scream about affirmative action off topic on a “football” blog is be factual ($4.5 million, NOT $4 million).

        Cue the ad hominem sock puppet attack in 3, 2, 1…


  1. Was Barbara aware of the Athletic Department scandals happening under her watch?
    Big question..
    If not, why not?


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    1. Oh is that why Clown U bb, sporting the #4, 2019 recruiting class, is 2 games back of the P-12 leader UCLA?

      Twenty-five million $$$$ later and Andyain’twinning is still SUCCing UCLA bb hind titty and 000000000000000000forever.


      1. Drown yourself in the ‘ruins toilet bowl. Guess who won the 1st meeting
        between the two at the Westwood Highschool Gym, you dumbass. Lose
        to Belmont at home.


    1. Because, maybe point guards matter?? At least that’s the rumor. You can believe mick will press young Anderson until he proves he can handle the pressure. Sturdivant is back from his bereavement leave and has been practicing again.

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      1. Is JM awake? JM certainly doesn’t look confident he’s ready to “Do whatever it takes to win,” Saturday.


      2. Yeah, he looks like a guy who’s team was linked the first time they played this season in their own gym….
        Oh, wait! That wasn’t him…that was the good for nuttin ruins.


        Basketball – Saturday
        Baseball – Sunday


  3. Why is JT Daniel’s even sticking around, does he realize that he won’t be a starter unless Kedon Slovis leaves for the NFL , or graduates ? If he’s as good as advertised coming out of high school, then he should not have a problem starting anyplace else … Right? 😂😂. (Overrated)

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  4. Scottie: “You know how I know Slovis will be starting? Because that is what the USC coaches are telling people behind the scenes. There is no real competition.”

    Slovis is indeed the man, but it is physically impossible for there to be any competition. Daniels won’t even be ready for full contact for at least 6 more months after an ACL reconstruction.

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    1. Daniels redshirted last year and could probably medically redshirt again this year- apply for one- then he’d be a Soph next year while Slovis will be a JR.

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  5. Even if true this is not what I want to hear.

    I want to hear that all positions are open for competition. No more “Loves of my life.”

    Even if Slovis is the guy, HH should be emphasizing competition and saying something more diplomatic like “JT will have a fair chance to win the job” or “Slovis can’t rest on his first year; he still has to win the job again.”

    Best man plays, regardless of class. If a freshman can beat out a senior, so be it.


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      1. 67 –No one should be forced to witness the nightmare of Chip strutting about in a tight nylon t-shirt in spring practice…


      1. It will be cheery, orgasmic Owns if things don’t go well on Saturday…


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