USC Special Teams Coach Sets A Marker

New USC special teams coach Sean Snyder hit a sore spot yesterday during his press conference:

“I don’t allow 10 guys or the field, or nine for that matter,” Snyder said. “We’ll do a lot on the sidelines. We’ll have some help with collecting personnel and making sure we have everybody ready to go. So we do have a process with that. But that’s just something that’s not acceptable.”

Did you catch the “or nine for that matter” comment?

That was a shot at John Baxter. Snyder probably doesn’t know that in 2016 the Trojans had eight men on the field to block an extra point vs. Stanford. Or he might have said, “or eight for that matter.”

18 thoughts on “USC Special Teams Coach Sets A Marker

      1. Exactly…
        P. S.
        karma, did you know that at Disneyland’s defunct Country Bear Jamboree there was “a band composed of Big Fred, Cousin Ted, Brother Zeb …and slow witted Gomer on the piano.”

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    1. gt –I’m encouraged by the fact that the new assistants are undermining and contradicting Helton every time they’re allowed to speak….. and it’s only March…..
      #Imagine WhereWe’llBeBySeptember

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  1. Helton at the 2016 presser announcing hiring of John Baxter:

    “I know Coach Baxter as one of the best teachers and skill developers in football today. We look forward to our special teams rising to greater heights under him.”


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    1. They did rise to greater heights, how many teams can claim they had 8,9 or 10 men on the field for an extra point of FG numerous times ?

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  2. I will reserve judgement until they get on the field. USC still reeks of Clay Helton. Hard to have confidence with an idiot at the helm.

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    1. Remember ruin head coach Boob Tubolardo had success his first three seasons when he was surrounded by great assistant coaches. Then they left and the program imploded.

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  3. I sure did catch the, “…or nine for that matter” comment. But did you catch the, “I don’t allow 10 guys or the field…”??? That, is the question, Flow.

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    1. 11 players on the field at all times for the whole season. Wow. Nice thing to promise. Hope he gets by the first play of the first game…

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