JT Daniels Changes Number

USC has several players wearing new numbers for next season.

The most prominent is quarterback JT Daniels, who will wear No. 10 after wearing No. 18 the first two seasons. The explanation might be simple but maybe Daniels wants a new image after two lackluster seasons.

22 thoughts on “JT Daniels Changes Number

  1. 2 Lackluster seasons my be a bit harsh but he is / was overrated. Good QB in my opinion, just not the savior of the program he was hyped up to be.

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      1. Which side of the ball did JT play? As I recall, it was the Defense that got steamrolled for 300+ rushing yards. I guess in your world, JT lost the game by himself.


    1. I agree, he had a Ron Powlus freshman season at ND in terms of the hype they both came in with. Both were BIG TIME recruits. But Powlus had a solid season I’d say 19 TDs 9 Ints, and had a much better team and coach that was way better with his program.
      Daniel’s is much better than he displayed and played behind an OlIne that had no experience while Slovis was able to get the Oline with more experience and with Austin Jackson being ready as to having to play. Also Vera Tucker was the best Olineman.of the team and Daniel’s didn’t get that player his freshman year with Vera Tucker having many ups and downs.
      Daniel’s even as a freshman would have played a lot better if the line gave him support of course but he also didn’t have the confidence and help from his Defense always putting him in a pressure situation by allowing a score and for Daniel’s to have to work consistently at answering the opponent all the time and that’s too much for a true freshman. You put him on Ohio State and hes JT Daniel’s the Super Star.
      Also let’s be Real honest and not polite. But Tyler Vaughns and Michael Pittman lost some of those games also with JT with many big drops at key moments in games that were significant to the outcomes. That never gets talked about. And I’m sure the stats may even show whatever number they totalled in drops but they lost games because they killed drives in games that were drops that were on moments that a freshman QB rolls with gaining confidence and getting better as the game continues. If we all watched that season over im sure I’m gonna be wondering what Daniel’s was thinking on a lot of his decisions. But we had drops in the end zone in the first game of the season by his WRs and later in the UCLA game wide open. If Amon Ra St. Brown wasn’t on the field that season there wouldn’t have been any play at WR. He carried the group for the most part and later on in games that were no longer important to our season Vaughns and Pittman played well.

      But you can’t go and say that Daniel’s was or is overrated. The USC Football team is/was overrated and The Oline can serve as evidence. But Daniels definitely would get that title if he played poorly and we had a good Oline blocking and his receivers were making plays. Then I’d say yeah. But that title can’t go to Daniel’s by himself with what he had to work with.


    1. This season Jackson and Jay Tufele are gonna go CRAZY and TERRORIZE the opponents backfield. They played well all year and are both legit with true talent. I hope they lead the way and the others next to them can’t feed off it and play better.

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    1. Your standards for USC football are ruinesque. When players come to USC they expect criticism when they don’t accomplish the goals of winning the Pac 12 and playing for the national title. In that regard, JT stunk.


      1. Maybe JT Daniels wanted #10 initially, but it wasn’t available. I don’t think an image change was necessary because of an injury


      2. He was a true freshman and they aren’t ruinesque. How do you know that they expect criticism? Now you read minds.


    2. Arturo…
      Technically, JT started at USC as a High School Senior.
      Recall, he graduated Mater Dei a full year early.
      Physically and emotionally, he really was a HS senior.

      I cannot say whether he was superior to Sears or Fink at the time, but with only Fall FB behind him he did quite well for a HS Senior in 2018.
      (Oh, BTW, he played behind the Neil Calloway O-line that year! Ouch.)

      To have accomplished what JT did in year 1 was really quite exceptional, and he did it with HC CH/Tee Martin Gumbo offense to guide him.
      I like the kid.

      What a fun QB to watch. I’m prayin’ I get two more full seasons with KD at Troy!

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      1. Not really accurate, he was 19 and was held back a grade specifically for athletics purposes. He was was chronologically with his correct class.

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  2. Also, JT did have to deal with one of Clay Heltons worse miscues which was leaving Toa at center all year after he repeatedly shown he was not in control of his snaps. I do like Slovis a little better but i want to be fair to JT. Personally i think USC needs a dual threat QB in this system and with that Offensive line but that’s just me.

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  3. I don’t get why people are so invested in JT Dirt being good at football. It’s the same thing with Lonzo Ball – he’ll never play in an All-Star game. They both played with a team of college level talent when they were in HS and had wild success. JT was never hit in HS. Turns out it hurts. He tore up his knee because he turned away from contact like you’re taught to never do b/c that’s how you get hurt.


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