USC Morning Buzz: A Solitary Figure Heading Into Spring

I’m hearing that during USC’s workouts leading up to spring practice, Clay Helton’s cut a pretty solitary figure.

He walks around but doesn’t really have his close buddies (John Baxter, Johnny Nansen, even Clancy Pendergast) to talk to so he mostly watches a mostly new coaching staff.

Now this is for closed-to-the-public workouts. I suspect next week, when spring practices are open to the public, Helton will find a way to meddle and seem more engaged, when ego kicks into gear.

Or he can talk to JT Daniels, who I hear probably won’t practice or do much significant work during spring drills.

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Solitary Figure Heading Into Spring

  1. Don’t know that I will
    But until I can find me
    The coach who’ll stay
    And won’t play games behind me
    I’ll be what I am
    A solitary man
    Solitary man

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    1. V1.2.2 scottie’s version

      Swanson was mine ’til the time
      That I found him
      Holding Maya
      And loving him
      Then Mom came along, loved me strong
      That’s what I thought
      Ya, me and Mom
      But that died too

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    2. Very funny, Pudly —- but your post is actually more on the mark than any post I’ve read on Helton in a long time. Helton kept second raters (and burned out first raters) around for their moral support —not their contribution to USC football. No one on staff owes him anything now —- and it’s going to get very lonely for him at practice and team meetings…

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      1. P. S.
        Kudos to Scott for picking up on this story line so early…

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      2. Real nice clip of Will telling the Big Truth about life –it’s all on you. He couldn’t box worth shit in Michael Mann’s “Ali” —but the last time I got a tear in my eye at a movie was when he FINALLY got the job in “Pursuit of Happiness” —man, he sure made me ‘believe’ in that film….

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    1. The “24/7” writer really waxes poetically about Jack. Hope the young man succeeds wherever he goes:

      “Sears has similar traits and abilities to Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger, who played under (Wolfpack Offensive Coordinator) Beck in Austin last season. Sears’ athleticism, ability to extend plays, and strong arm is also similar to that of former Ohio State quarterbacks J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones, who played under Beck in Columbus.”

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      1. ‘67, while I think he gained no useful advantage leaving before last season, and may even have hurt himself a bit, I’m hoping he’s finds a place to showcase his many talents and has great success. Good luck to Jack.

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      2. If Jack leads some team to a major conference championship, Helton should be terminated ..[or forced to walk naked along the coliseum track with people throwing feces at him like in Game Of Thrones]….

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    1. Okay. Okay. I was the secret source…
      [But Scott didn’t use everything I told him….notably the stuff I made up about Helton going up to J. T and being told, “Coach is it alright if I’m not seen with you anymore?”…….]

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  2. Clay Helton is going into his 5th season, and has proven that he’s an idiot, and knows absolutely nothing about building a championship team. He’s been through 15 different assistant coaches, and still doesn’t get it, and this at a university that had a great reputation, and deep football tradition. So of course he’s a figurehead now, he brings nothing to the table, and they really should disconnect his headset during games

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    1. The image of Helton wandering around the sidelines with the switched off headset talking to imaginary friends is the stuff of a really grand Adam Sandler comedy……


  3. “so he mostly watches a mostly new coaching staff.”

    Good, he won’t be meddling and maybe the team’ll do better this year. I suspect Bohn told Clay to lay off the new staff & let them do their thing.


  4. Maybe Bohn and Folt really hate Clay Helton and just plan to torture him for the next couple years while the whole team grows to ignore him. Make him so unhappy that he resigns and they dont have to pay anything.

    Of course, that wont happen. Clay would take on the water boy duties because he only cares about getting his paycheck now. He knows there are no more big paychecks coming afterwards.

    Will Clancy be getting a job anytime soon? I notice that not a single coach under Helton at USC that has been fired was eagerly pursued by other programs. That says something.


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