How Much Would You Pay To Play Golf With Clay Helton?

You know what is great about college sports? You can generally let down fans for two seasons and still charge outrageous prices for a golf tournament.

It’s $850 for a single ticket and goes up to $10,000 for four golfers with the “premium golf package.” For $5,000, you can go to a private reception the night before the tournament and meet Clay Helton, Graham Harrell and Todd Orlando. Wow!

Might be worth it if you want to talk about WWE with Harrell.

Check for yourself here.

  • Former USC QB Jack Sears is visiting North Carolina State today. He already visited Northwestern and Virginia this week.

13 thoughts on “How Much Would You Pay To Play Golf With Clay Helton?

    1. What’s a matter ownsie? Google broken?

      What do you call a guy who wishes he’d have gone to f’ucla?

      Loser wannabe


  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… I can’t stop laughing. Why would anybody want to play golf with that dumb ass, much less pay for it . The People in the athletic administration at USC must be delusional, or insane .

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  2. I would definitely pay.

    I’d pay to NOT have to play golf with Clay Helton.
    I’d rather pick up trash on the freeway with some convicts.

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  3. ZERO- No more money for this corrupt and incompetent athletic department. Next year Helton will be unemployed begging people to play golf with him, and I have to believe he knows that with the way the assistant coaches were hired. Perhaps, our athletic depatment can pair Helton up with Lynn Swann, Pat Haden, or even Mike Garrett which would make the day really interesting.

    Did Helton invite his buddies- Baxter, and Clancy our former assistant coach to the tourament as caddies. I am sure Helton has offered them jobs next year when he becomes the head coach at Slippery Rock University.

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  4. Some one with that amount of disposable cash should pony up and go play in the golf tournament wearing a choice of one of the t-shirts below:

    A – Fire Helton!
    B – Hire Meyer
    C – 2018 Record – 5 – 7
    D – Helton Is Soft
    E – Make USC Football Great Again (in a cardinal color, of course)


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  5. The chance to meet Clay Helton with a golf club in my hands? That is a dangerous scenario, I might just snap and take a swing at him, or let the golf club go sailing out of my hands in his direction.


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