Lynn Swann Puts House Up For Sale

Former USC athletic director Lynn Swann might be leaving town. Or maybe he needs a smaller house now that he is no longer making millions at USC.

Swann has placed his Hancock Park house on the market for $3,595,000. He paid $3.08 million in 2017. The house has a waterfall and a saltwater swimming pool.

Swann can always move back to Pittsburgh, where he remains a hero.

21 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Puts House Up For Sale

  1. Lynn’s representatives have announced he’s in negotiations to produce a satirical HBO Comedy Special about a loony Athletic Director who brings in dozens of fake “walk ons” in exchange for “donations” and negotiates contracts by more than doubling coaches’ requests…

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  2. Pittsburg is not far enough for him. I say Katmandu would be about the distance for him to be away from SC.

    I hope no one buys the house for 3 years. let him sit on it and have him have to live here in LA.

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    1. Pasadena, I am thinking he stays in So Cal. Golf season is short in Pittsburgh.

      NIce house. His taste in homes is much better than in coaches.

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  3. Who says his house is worth $3.595 million? I bet he got some ugly punk to sell him a bill of goods and to be his sales rep as the broker. It will come down to around $3.4 mil or lower. How do I know, because I am a Certified Residential Appraiser with over 30 years of experience, but what do I know.

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      1. I am joking because some stupid ruin will decide to pay for a house that was occupied by an SC AD before him.

        The problem with real estate is that the buyer or seller are not aware of the market. They depend upon a scum sucking realtor who just jacks up the asking price. I believe an appraisal should be done before the house goes on the market. That way the buyer will know what the house value is, compared to some broker that doesn’t know how to spell appraisal let alone know what it means. BTW, I am a CA real estate broker as well.

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  4. USC would have been better served flushing all those millions they paid to Swann right down a toilet bowl. In fact, you could say the same for the amount of cash they have paid to Helton.

    USC: where they love to light their farts on fire with flaming $100 bills.

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  5. Comps play a big part in asking price of a property, appraisal for the most plays a significant part for financing.
    Hancock Park is a legacy High Dollar zip code…but, it’s not PV Estates, Malibu, Manhattan Beach or Montana Ave. near Brentwood.

    $3.9M for the place…why not. A three car garage in Torrance is $300K

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    1. Factor 13,

      You are correct about closed sales comparables. That is what a residential appraisal is all about. That tells you the story of the value of the home.


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