USC-UCLA Game Expected Sellout

Nearly all tickets have been sold for Saturday’s USC-UCLA basketball game at the Galen Center.

How many were bought by UCLA fans? They have generally avoided the Galen Center since it was built in 2006. But they forgot about those early season losses and are feeling good about themselves right now so it should be a bigger-than-usual opposing crowd for the Crosstown Rivalry.

  • Looking to the Pac-12 Tournament, here are the odds from Bovada:




200/1—USC, UCLA, Washington


400/1—Arizona State

1000/1—California OSU, Utah, WSU, no line.

9 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Game Expected Sellout

  1. Great news on the sellout, though could be some no shows with the virus scare.

    Those odds in the post are not for winning the Pac-12 tournament. The implied probabilities have to add up to around 1. and those dont come close.

    Those must be the odds for each Pac-12 school winning the natty.

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      1. Oh yes they do. Think about it. You could put $10 on each team and you’re guaranteed to win at least $280 for $100 bet. They would lose their shirts with those odds.

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      1. Typical elephant BS. UCLA turned Biden’s bid down.

        C’mon 22, at least be relevant. Like, has Trump given up his DNA sample? What’s cool is Trump can’t be pardoned from a state lawsuit.

        The “Genius” Donald is going to be in a hell of a lot of legal hot water when he’s ejected from the WH.

        Here’s a happy thought, the Donald and Weinstein end up sharing a cell.


  2. Poor Owns flunked Reading Comp at Cerritos Elementary School. Deadbeat Dad Biden was too coked up to turn in his paperwork or he would be teaching at Westwood High right now, instructing the ruin law students where to make the best drug buys.


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