A Comfortable Face At Spring Preview

USC held its Spring Preview event last night at the Coliseum (cost $150) and it was hosted by Pac-12 analyst Yogi Roth.

Why Roth? Maybe this video will help you understand.


16 thoughts on “A Comfortable Face At Spring Preview

  1. Hey. He’s a huge homer, but at least he’s not a negative asshole like you, Flow. My expectations this season with all the assistant coach hype? Still the same. Ass-kicking by Alabama. Close wins by wildly beatable teams, and losses to higher ranked opponents. But Flow, please keep posting about successfully employed people. By all means.


    1. I would rather have a “negative asshole” tell me the hard, truth so I can adjust and make changes and save something, than I would have smoke blown up my ass by a wine and cheese Rah-Rah millennial who doesn’t understand football and can’t face reality or who doesn’t know his ass from a hot rock. Hope this helps.

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      1. Are those seriously the only 2 options? Gee, I always prefer constructive criticism. But hey — suit yourself — that’s just me.

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    1. Continued thanks to Pudly who actually posts pertinent information on this shitty blog. Information that Flow actually posts after Pudly does. If not for the comments, this “blog” would die. Right, Daniel?

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  2. Hope that works out for you, Daniel. But until Flow actually provides his “sources,” more dumbasses like you will emerge. Not sure why I came off as a “rah-rah?” If I did, then you’re as uninformed as Chaz Bucket. Carry on, Danny-boy.

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  3. Rogi Roth sounds like a delusional, Clay Helton rah rah ass suck, he makes zero sense. What brutal schedule is he referring to ? Did USC face any playoff teams last season, or did they play in a perennial weak PAC 12 conference? What injury excuse will Roth use going into the Alabama game, when all of their players will probably be healthy, and they get beat by 35 points?


  4. The guy is a joke and that analysis of the situation is as paper-thin as can be. He has never asked Helton a single tough question when he interviewed him. This isnt a journalist, he is a paid PR guy for Pac 12 teams.

    Let’s be honest, Larry Scott wants to keep his job ruining the Pac 12, so he is just fine with a coach like Helton. He doesnt want a coach like Meyer coming into USC, because that would mean either the Pac 12 fires Scott, or USC leaves the Pac 12.

    Bohn is taking the right step by opening questioning whether USC should remain in the Pac-12 or at least, whether Scott should be the over-paid president. Give the Bohner some credit, he is making some positive changes, even if he was not able to fire Clay.

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