If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Today is the deadline to renew season tickets but I haven’t talked to any USC fans who are too worried about it.

They don’t think there’s a flood of new fans trying to buy season tickets so if they wait a couple weeks, they don’t think they will lose their seats. Some think they can probably get an upgrade if they wait.

  • This is a pet peeve but does USC really need every available jersey number between 1-10 to have two players wearing it? The answer is yes when you cater to every whim of the players. The days of Sam Darnold showing up and just getting issued a number are rarer than ever.
  • New USC safeties coach Craig Naivar said the ideal safety in his system is Marvell Tell: “Big, fast and guys who strike. If I cloned a guy we’d throw five Marvell Tells out there,” Naivar said.

Eventually, Naivar will learn that Ronnie Lott, Dennis Smith, Charles Phillips, Mark Carrier and Troy Polamalu are among those who USC fans would clone.

  • With Barbara Hedges announced as USC’s pick for the Pac-12 Hall of Honor this year, it’s a good time to mention that last week a former USC coach told me that Hedges recruited Cheryl Miller as hard as anyone to play basketball for the Women of Troy. Hedges was basically the athletic director in charge of women’s sports in those days, which were a heyday of sorts for USC.
  • I hear there is a search committee to replace Art Bartner as USC band director. One of the candidates is Jacob Vogel, who is currently associate director and arranger for the band.
  • It’s a big weekend for the Crosstown Rivalry: USC plays UCLA in women’s basketball tonight in the Pac-12 Tournament; there is the men’s game at the Galen Center on Saturday and USC plays UCLA at Dedeaux Field on Sunday at 3 p.m.
  • The NET rankings have first-place UCLA at No. 76 and last-place Washington at No. 62.

And now some history:

With USC playing UCLA in basketball, let’s remember the teams played five times in the 1959-60 season. And the fifth time was the charm, as a fight broke out at the end of the game, which resulted in eight techincal fouls and five player ejections at the Sports Arena.

Fists flew at this 1960 USC-UCLA game at the Sports Arena, which the Bruins won, 72-70.
  • A good topic one day might be “Trojans who get no recognition from USC.”

I would include Jack Gardner, who played basketball at USC from 1928-32. Who is Gardner?

He is the first coach to lead two different schools (Kansas State, Utah) to the Final Four and one of a handful who went to the Final Four multiple times with two schools (1948, 1951, 1961, 1966). Gardner was considered an expert in the fast-break offense and had a career record of 486-235. As a scout for the Utah Jazz, he was credited with discovering John Stockton.

Gardner was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and 10 other hall of fames. You know what Hall of Fame hasn’t inducted him? USC.

That might be OK, but he deserves a mention somewhere.

  • And finally . . . for the USC-UCLA greenhorns out there, I give you “the dunk” by Harold Miner.

19 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Being at this game, seeing Miner at his best and sweeping the Bruins and Douchebag Don Maclean was one of my favorite sports memories growing up.

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  2. Does Craig Naivar know the Football history of the school that employs him ? Why did Tom Herman fire him, and Todd Orlando?


    1. Herman is the douche who lost MORE games in his first three years at Texas than Clay had at SC. Of course you know that. And that includes Clay’s 5-7 season.
      As far as why was Naivar tired, isn’t it customary to let all coaches go when coordinators are replaced? Hey! I remember! You’re the one who said that Seth Littrell would have a better season than Harrell, weren’t you? How’d that crud work out for ya? Leave a crappy taste?

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  3. Hot tip of the day on TMB director – Yes, it will be Mr Vogel unless Snoop Dog wants it.

    This is the worse kept secret since we found out Owns, Bucket and Flow live together in the basement at the Hyperion Sewage treatment facility.

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  4. Trump 2020, you are an ignorant fool same as your namesake.
    Hopefully you live out of state in some ditch. This is the wrong
    site for a know nothing of anything.


    1. Go vote for Bernie,Folt,Bohn and Helton.
      Make sure you get your fantastic season tickets also. I hear that USC is putting a great product on the field this year.
      You’re just the kind of idiot the Athletic Department loves!


  5. Harold Miner was also an excellent 3-point shooter, particularly at that time when there was much less emphasis on the 3. Close to 37% for his career.

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      1. The Miner teams won about 1 fewer titles than ucla teams did without mobster Sam Gilbert violating virtually every NCAA rule on the book for Wooden, and then some.

        Paying for abortions for player girlfriends
        Arranging for car loans and other player loans
        Paying players, buying stereos, various other items

        As Bill Walton notes, “UCLA should have lost about 10 or more NCAA titles and been on probation for about 100 years.”


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    1. It’s ALL on us Saturday. Pudly. [UCLA is talking about revenge for their Pauley loss — I hope we come out more aggressive, more pissed off and more motivated than they are —- the “revenge” factor disappears pretty fast if the opponent doesn’t fall for it]…..

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