USC Extends Season-Ticket Deadline

USC has extended today’s season-ticket deadline until March 11.

Are you surprised?

Maybe this will help all the people who didn’t have much sense of urgency to renew their tickets.


8 thoughts on “USC Extends Season-Ticket Deadline

  1. SC can wait until doomsday as far as I am concerned. They should have improved the coaching staff, stop the hush money coming in, stop the gynocolgist fingering girls, get rid of Swan, oh wait they did, and become SC of old by beating teams and not getting run over by other teams.

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      1. I will be at the basketball game. My seats are Row 5 Section 112. They are on the inside of where the SC players enter and exit. I am looking forward to seeing the ghost of Johhnny Cheetin’ Wooden screaming Mother F********* to the refs. That is a true story. That hypocrite Wooden screamed at a ref using the official gutter language of ugly.

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  2. So the website has not been responsive and that is what is responsible for what must be low ticket sales? I believe I recall the donor’s website also went down the day they announced Helton was returning. They should stop lying and insulting people’s intelligence.


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