USC Wants You To Promise To Cheer “Loud”

No one would confuse the Galen Center for Duke or Kansas, but USC wants its fans to sign contracts to “cheer loud” tomorrow vs. UCLA.

I suspect the Galen Center will be loud so you probably don’t need to beg them to be loud. But I guess in some ways it is fitting given the history of USC basketball.


20 thoughts on “USC Wants You To Promise To Cheer “Loud”

      1. I hope we get to PLAY the game, 67. My daughter told me that a couple of kids from UCLA were reported to have corona virus symptoms.

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      1. Bears have a strong long-run tradition, including coaches Pete Newell and Mike Montgomery, and players Jason Kidd, Jaylen Brown, Kevin Johnson, Phil Chenier, et. al.

        Not that they have a good team this year, but 0.1% might be just a tad too low…

        At those odds, a $100 bet would win roughly $100,000


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      2. 67 —According to Brian Williams at MSNBC if you won $100,000 and split your winnings with every American citizen, everyone would be a million dollars richer…

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      3. Couple questions for any legal eagle readers willing to do some pro bono:
        1. If “USC Hoops” is not a registered/legal entity, is this contract rendered invaild?
        2. If “USC Hoops” is indeed a registered thing, AND I cheers my balls off, AND they fail to “take care of the rest”, have they satisfied the consideration aspect(s) of this proposed contract?


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