USC Notes: A Real Coach Coming To Campus

TCU coach Gary Patterson, Air Force coach Troy Calhoun and new Michigan State coach Mel Tucker will headline the USC coaches’ clinic April 3-4. Oh, and Clay Helton will be there too.

You can write your own punchlines on that last part.

  • USC is expected to make all classes from March 11-13 online only in response to the coronavirus. UPDATE: It’s now official.
  • The USC-UCLA game is officially a sellout tomorrow.

24 thoughts on “USC Notes: A Real Coach Coming To Campus

  1. Wolfman – what about the Claiborne buzz? TOS are reporting the former Calabasas football head coach has been hired in some official capacity by our beloved Trojans.

    Funny, you obsess about USC 24/7 and constantly nitpick about stupid stuff, but you repeatedly dislike discussing anything positive about USC.

    You cannot have it both ways.

    FYI – I suggest we all chip in and give you, the Wolfman, a ticket to go on a 2 week Princess Cruise (all inclusive with free food, drinks and shuffleboard included). It will be a bargain for the faithful and devoted followers of this blog.

    Let me know and i will set up a Go Fund Me page.

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    1. Wait a second! Under the present circumstances, putting anyone on a Two Week Princess Cruise is tantamount to murder…

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      1. UW and USC are proving that students should be able to take all their classes online at all universities and not be forced to spend thousands of dollars travelling to and from campus every day or renting a dorm room , live at a frat/sorority or apartment like it was still 1967.

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      1. I don’t know which one of us fucking twits you’re referring to —but you’re right about not wishing cornona virus on anyone. Nobody here really wants anything bad to happen to anyone else here —and that certainly includes are fearless leader, Scott.

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    1. Chip’s particular dimensions would require a special fitting. You just can’t find that size off the rack.


    1. That’s good to hear. [I was gonna say something critical about that comment about Scott but for some chickenshit reason I didn’t —I’m glad you did]….

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  2. Wow. It’s great to have Coaches Patterson, Calhoun and Tucker join me at our fantastic coaches clinic. They’ll bring professionalism, intensity and ability to the panel – things I, or course, am known for in my coaching style. These guys will impart knowledge on a vast number of subjects, including discipline, which as many of you know, I will be in charge of this up-coming season. Gonna make sure it’s Faith, Family and Football – and big wins, along with pizza parties, ice cream socials and other proven team-building events that our starting QB, J.T. Daniels, dad will no doubt assist me with.

    Discipline and intensity – on!


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