USC Morning Buzz: Game Day Is Here

The USC-UCLA game is finally here!

Is a lot at stake? UCLA is assured a top 2 spot in the Pac-12. USC can sneak into the top 4 spots, which receive a bye in the first round of the conference tournament, if it wins today.

I’ll provide some updates from the Galen Center, especially if the crowd keeps its contract to “cheer loud.”

I’ll provide this story from 2 years ago: USC lost to UCLA at the Galen Center and as Andy Enfield walked off the court, a booster said, “You got outcoached!”

Enfield did not respond. But it can be a tough crowd. USC is favored by 4.5 points and won by 11 points at Pauley Pavilion earlier this year.

52 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Game Day Is Here

  1. Best scenario for the Trojans is to win today’s game, don’t get a buy, and win your first round PAC-12 game. All of that will be more than enough to make the NCAA tournament.


  2. Women B/B team choked again under Coach Trakh. Led 16 – 2 and
    20 – 5 early in the game. Need a real leader not a retread. Lose by 7
    being outscored by 22 rest of the game.

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      1. GT22, why can’t they get the ball to the big man? I don’t think he got more than 2 touches in the last 4 minutes.

        He is a weapon and incredibly entertaining to watch – and yet he only gets about 11 shots per game.

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  3. Miracle finish with a three at the buzzer. Great ending, but 41% Trojan free throw shooting, and just 1 of 6 in the last 2 minutes won’t get the job done in the tourneys.

    And I gotta say, the ruins are no great shakes either, nor is their coaching.

    But they can make free throws. I’ll give them that.

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      1. 22, you do have a gift for superfluous hyperbole.

        Clown U won; UCLA lost.

        Next year Clown U will, with delirious fanfare, bombastically hang a huge banner in the Galen Barn rafters commemorating this 53 – 51 bozo victory vs UCLA.


      2. As a realist, I recognize that neither team is going anywhere. But sweeping your ruins in the Rivalry games is always Sugar Sweet. Cheers!

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      3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      4. Yup.
        Most wins by a senior class in Trojan history. Whatever ya think of Andy, we can be happy for these kids. Maybe add a couple more wins still.

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      5. gt —When I worked at the City Attorney’s office, a female supervising attorney made the very big mistake of telling me (I’ll never know why) that she made that “oohhhhhh, yessssss” sound at special times with her hubby. At the Annual Christmas Party hubby asked me if I’d like him to pour me a cup of punch and I said “oohhhhh yessssssss”…..

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    1. Given our respective seasons, you knew one of our teams was going to go to sleep in the last half second, Owns….. it just happened to be yours this time….

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      1. When USC has a good day or good like beating some Cubs Wolf tries his hardest to stall on making a post.

        You know when Mathews took that shot Wolf was hoping he would miss.

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      1. I never know with Tournament committee. They are always raising the level of blowing it. You would have thought the Bruins were on a historic run like they were undefeated the way all the media had been sucking up to them winning games the last few weeks. I mean damn that’s something you think becomes a story when it’s Washington St or South Carolina, but UCLA is supposed to win these games. I’ll admit they became a different team but so what? They shouldn’t get that kind of pub when they beat teams that they have more talent then. Theyre still not the best team in Los Angeles though that’s fir sure.

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  4. Wolf, I hear crickets.

    The win does not go with your negative agenda and spin.

    Well you, Owns, Bucket and Bernie Sanders are all losers.



      1. I dont want to rain on the parade but USC baseball has started well the last few seasons and then they go into hibernation for the the Pac12 Schedule and we look forward to next season. But anytime you beat Vanderbilt in Baseball now days is a good win so I hope they turn the ship around for good!

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    1. Vanderbilt was not undefeated. UCLA beat them 3 – 2 March 6 @ JR Stadium.

      Facts matter!

      GT sounds like a Dear Pisley fantastical bozo facts disciple.


  5. Somehow, I bet Swann didn’t have much input in the hire. He was probably told by someone else and said, “Sounds good to me! Now I’ve got a tee time to get to!”

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    1. I was thinking he wrote the wrong name down and told his people to hire the wrong man.
      I don’t believe Lynn Swann makes any good judgment in life now after his time as the A.D.

      He’s on the Mount Rushmore of Trojan Idiots

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  6. Memo to: MG

    53 – 51 or 54 – 52 is pretty much six of one or a half dozen of another.

    I would agree if Mathews’ shot won an NCAA NS the current bozo delirium would be warranted.

    I mean Clown U just won a P-12 game but didn’t win finish 1st in the final conf. standing. All this bozo bb victory euphoria reminds me of the time SUCCX defeated Stanford FB at the Crumbling Mausoleum and the bozo fans stampeded like spooked cattle onto the CM field.


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