USC Sunday Buzz: Remembering Another Big Shot To Beat UCLA

With Jonah Mathews’ heroics yesterday, here is announcer Mike Walden’s call of the final moments of the USC-UCLA game on March 8, 1969.

USC won, 46-44, on on a jump shot by Ernie Powell with six seconds left to hand UCLA its first-ever loss at Pauley Pavilion after a 51-0 start in the new arena. Some say Walden jumped up on the announcer’s table when he yelled “Trojans win, Trojans win, Trojans win.”

UCLA went on to win the national title, just to reiterate the magnitude of the victory.

  • USC will honor its 1970 NCAA championship baseball team today at Dedeaux Field before the 3 p.m. game vs. UCLA. Among the players on the team were Jim Barr, Steve Busby and Dave Kingman.

11 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Remembering Another Big Shot To Beat UCLA

  1. The ’70 baseball team is one of the all-timers. Kingman was one of the strongest guys to play the game in that era.

    And the ’69 hoops victor of ucla was one for the ages. ucla had Abdul-Jabbar, Curtis Rowe, Sidney Wicks, Steve Patterson and others.

    It was their only loss that season. Brilliant game plan.

    Even the mobster Sam Gilbert couldn’t steal that victory from the Trojans.

    Well-done post, Scottie. Mahalo.

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      1. The mobster team wrongly was awarded the NCAA championship.

        Walton, Lucius Allen, Sidney Wicks, Curtis Rowe, all admitted the gross NCAA violations that occurred under Sam Gilbert.

        “UCLA should have lost about 10 national championships and should have been put on probation for about 100 years for NCAA basketball violations” – Bill Walton.

        MAYBE the ’95 natty was legitimate. Only a maybe, since Larry Brown coached that team.

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      2. Okay, Owns. About a month ago I promised you I’d recognize Wooden’s achievements in the future….

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      3. 67 –I promised Owns —in the spirit of reciprocity (for I forget what) —that me and Alv would stop attacking Wooden….

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      4. Michael, as a leading, experienced attorney, what would you be inclined to say if you have a half dozen eye witnesses – whose self-interest is damaged – by all saying the same thing?



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