Season Ticket Renewals A Concern

The season-ticket renewal deadline was extended to Wednesday. I asked a highly placed USC source how season tickets sales were going and they said the renewal rate was “shockingly low.”

“There’s been a huge dropoff, people aren’t renewing,” the source said.

I’ve heard from a lot people who say they are dropping their tickets but sometimes what you hear and what is actually happening are two different things.

But whatever the real number is for renewals, it doesn’t sound good.

10 thoughts on “Season Ticket Renewals A Concern

  1. Can’t imagine why people aren’t renewing, shocking !

    What’s the guesstimate on attendance for the New Mexico game, 30,000 ?


  2. Dear Pisley, WTF!

    SUCCX is on a bottom-feeder run, Shitty FB recruiting and a yuggggge decline of season FB tickets. It looks like a crowd of 10k will have to suffice as a Crumbling Mausoleum sell-out crowd.

    If Guerrero was the SUCCX AD you’d have a new HFBC.


  3. Maybe USC can bribe Season Ticket Holders with $ 600,000 of Aunt Becky’s Money in exchange for renewing.


  4. I hope the seats are empty this season whether they win or not. SC fans need to make a statement with ticket and merchandise sales. We gave this admin enough time.

    Don’t give me this support the players BS. If the players want to proceed to the next level they should know better and transfer or don’t come in the first place.

    I hope the money from the football program, big donations, and merchandise sales are so low they have to dip into the general fund to support Title IX SC teams. That way the heat would be on Folt and lackey Bohn.


  5. Serves the university right for screwing people and moving them from their long held seats. USC can blame itself, the greedy athletic department employees like Ron Orr, Steve Lopes, Pat Haden, Clay Helton, Lynn Swann, Mike Bohn, interim AD Dave Roberts, and the others who sat quietly by while USC took seats away and tried to get the average Joe alum to pay for the Coliseum press box with those new suites that almost 99.999% of alumni or fans will never step foot in.


  6. I think that Faith, Family and Football will save the day here.

    We will attract more fans as soon as they realize this team will win the California Championship.

    Can’t wait until we run out of the Coliseum tunnel for the first game at home. Lead of course by our returning starting QB J.T. Daniels!

    It’s gonna be a great season – get your seats now!


  7. If you want Helton gone and out of our lives then you’ll have to stay away from the Coliseum this season and make a statement.

    No ifs, ands, or buts!


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