Quite An Injury Stat From Clay Helton

Clay Helton said on “Trojans Live” tonight that 30 players underwent surgery since August.

Does that sound like the strength program is living up to the hype?

Helton said a top priority will be picking the five offensive lineman who start, which is what everyone knows is a problem.

Defensive coordinator Todd Orlando said “jobs are open” on the defense. Interesting since USC returns nine defensive starters.

5 thoughts on “Quite An Injury Stat From Clay Helton

  1. Let’s face the obvious: The number of injuries during Helton’s tenure isn’t as high as it for no particular reason…. it’s not just a case of annual bad luck….


  2. Always compete that’s why jobs are open on defense, especially after getting ran all over by teams the last 2 years. Wtf Clay recruiting nothing but a bunch of walking wounded 30 players needing the knife since August. Now we know why there was coaching changes in the off season. It wasn’t just recruiting numbers it was the type of players they were going after.
    Maybe this last class will have some able bodies that will perform without getting hurt. Even though it was a lousy recruiting class in the 50s. Let’s try to hope because the 4 and 5 stars are hurt or injured as it seems now with 30 players, they can’t hold up and stay healthy enough to play in every game. Time to get a better strength and conditioning coach to help players stay in shape for the entire season.

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  3. Strength program sucks! 30 different player surgeries while playing cupcake football? something is not quite right. Although knowing Helton this number may be greatly exaggerated. I guess they gotta do more than just eating steaks and ego lifting.

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  4. After four years of ignoring that offensive line with inept coaching, and average recruiting, it’s finally caught up to Clay Helton. He’s made a big deal about the over abundance of receivers he’s signed during his tenure, but never about lineman who control the line of scrimmage. Does he even understand the basic concept of football, because it doesn’t appear that he does? And it sounds like Helton is paving the way for his excuses before the season starts , because he’s already crying about 30 players having surgery since last August .

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  5. I don’t see how the weight lifting is inadequate. I seems to me it is the level of intensity in practice is so low. Then game day they stress their bodies beyond what they are used to and things break down. Practices have to be harder than game day, really quite simple. Still injuries will occur, it is a violent sport.


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