USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Says “Something Special Is Going On Here”

Clay Helton says the coaching staff came to USC because they believe in what is happening with the football program. Or maybe they just believe in him.

“Why would Graham Harrell stay if he didn’t believe in what we’re doing?” Helton told the Associated Press. “Why does a Donte Williams leave a Rose Bowl champion Oregon to come here to USC? Why does Vic So’oto, who has been raised by (Virginia coach) Bronco Mendenhall, I mean, that’s as close to a son as (Mendenhall’s) got, leave his mentor to come here? There’s something special that is going on here. We all feel it as coaches.”

They came because it’s USC, they significantly improved their salaries and preferred living in Southern California to Eugene, Ore., or Charlottesville, Va.

Also, they aren’t working for a taskmaster like Nick Saban. They are working for a figurehead with no football gravitas.

Who wouldn’t want to coach at Disneyland (USC) instead of Jurassic Park (Alabama)?

Especially when Disneyland offers multi-year contracts.

23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Says “Something Special Is Going On Here”

    1. At the old Roy Rogers Museum there hung a snake oil salesman’s wagon poster. It read: “Doc Cogwheel’s Magic Elixir. Cures Red Ant Bites, Sore Feet, Dizzy Spells and Loss of Hearing —Have your Dollar Ready.”

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      1. Pure Genius- I am sorry for 67- fantastic post. MVP ( Michael Very on Point) You are now leading the pack in slugging percentage. One small addition please allow me, this elixir is so potent that it can make a Rhodes Scholar stupid.

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  1. The answer to all of your questions, Clay, is money. We threw a bunch of money at them. Oh and don’t forget the coordinators were fired or looking for a job when we knocked on their door. But the real reason is blood in the waters.

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    1. All true. But —- guess what? —this motley crew is probably gonna deliver the goods [if Clay has the brains to stay in his office all season, only coming out the door when he’s pinked slipped in December]…..


      1. They certainly failed to deliver the goods to Texas’s Tom Herman, who’s twice the Coach Bozo Helton is, and this after signing a top 5 recruiting class. So I dunno 🤷‍♂️

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  2. Would somebody please tell Gomer to SHUT THE BLEEP UP! Every time he opens his mouth he says something incredibly stupid. He is a very bad used car salesmen trying to convince people that he is still relevant. Just sit in your office and let the real coaches do their jobs you moron. You are the luckiest human being on earth. You were given the keys to the bluest Of blue blood programs despite your lack of experience or coaching gravitas. You won the lottery without even playing so enjoy your good fortune and spare us any folksy outlandishly positive comments about ANYTHING related to USC Football.

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      1. In America you can become a millionaire one of two ways —do something spectacular or sling spectacular bullshit…


  3. like they used to say out in the valley…whatever, and then something with a spoon…well whatever anyway…they do appear to be an upgrade to at least above average.

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  4. Helton fell into a bucket of shit and came out smelling like rose.
    What a absolute waste of $$$$ paying him. Still can’t find his way out of a phone booth with a seeing dog and a flash light.

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    1. Maybe. But the best evangelists believe what they preach…..


  5. Bozo Helton must be delusional, because I think he actually believes what comes out of his mouth. I’m looking forward to his post game press conference after the Alabama game, because it should be quite the comedy show 😂😂😂

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    1. It’s not inconceivable that USC wins (very unlikely, but we’ve got about a 25% chance of pulling it off with an Alabama team that is trying out new starters).
      But —don’t worry— Clay will blow a couple of games & you’ll get to hear more post game craziness [“warriors— good but not great — I love giving them neck hugs”]………


  6. There is something special going on. at USC…

    This is the first time a chain of command has been set for coaching the football program:

    Folt–> Bohn –> Jock strap cleaner –> Helton

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