USC Keeps Up With UCLA

This morning, Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times tweeted that UCLA was flying to Las Vegas on a charter flight while USC was flying commercial for the Pac-12 Tournament.

A few hours later, Bolch tweeted USC was now flying charter to Las Vegas.

Peer pressure?

UPDATED: For the skeptics, it looks like Bolch tweeted a conversation with a USC official:

19 thoughts on “USC Keeps Up With UCLA

      1. You’re not reading enough current comic fiction….


    1. Trojans should be able to beat Oregon. ‘

      Ducks have no one who can guard Onyeka – Ducks typically play a very small lineup, 3 guards and the other 2 other starters are around 6’7″ and 200 lbs. Onyeka should have at least 18 shot attempts.

      But the Duck starting guards combined for 54 in the 2 OT game. Slow down their guards, and they are very beatable.

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  1. Onyeka is almost like Shaq going up against the Oregon front court. He has about 3 inches and 50 pounds on the Ducks.


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  2. My daughter is a flight attendant and has flown the Mighty USC Trojan Basketball Team on several PRIVATE CHARTERS – JetSuiteX!!!
    (she says Matthews is the most polite and nicest of all the players – she was in NYC watching on tv when he hit the three and went crazy with pride for him!!!)
    PS she’s been singing the USC version of Tusk since a toddler – still singing loudly, “UCLA SUCKS!”

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  3. At least it’s been confirmed that the Trojans athletic administration pays attention to the LA Times. I wish somebody over there would do a feature on C.L. Max Nikias, and why he’s still employed by USC, especially since his actions will cost the University several hundred million dollars

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    1. Point of Information, Fan Boy: By the time ALL the plaintiffs come outta the woodwork, we’ll be lucky if it’s only several hundred million……


  4. This is Why Andy flavor of the month needs to go. The posters on here know more about coaching then the coach stealing millions. Feed the big man over and over, your strength over their weakness. Its coaching 101 but Andy hasn’t had his players execute this simple game plan most of the year. That’s why there have been some games they gave away at the end.


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