USC Announces More Coronavirus Measures

USC announced several measures tonight, including that online classes will continue after spring break from March 22-29.

And it said athletic events on campus will be closed to spectators, except for the families of athletes.

Below are the new policies:


26 thoughts on “USC Announces More Coronavirus Measures

  1. Moving to Alaska, or better yet, Hawaii. My boys and I will sleep on your living room floor until we can find permanent lodging, MG. We will clean, cook, and provide entertainment (piano and I’ll dance). What da ya say, compadre?

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      1. Guys —I hope we can actually do this someday —hopefully watch a game together that matters, too [like the Rose Bowl maybe]…..

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      2. 67 —Notre Dame would be perfect!

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      3. Ha! [This has the makings of a great made- for- DVD movie . For narrative drive we’ll need Scott revving the rest of us up for trouble after USC loses. And we’ll need Owns —finally seeing the light and joining our side—- in the violent pub fight that follows]……

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      4. In theory this sounds great. Until Scott Wolf shows up at your door with a backpack and a bag full of snacks.


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      5. Ha! Funny.

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  2. Damn. Just when ya think Teflon Clay has run out of excuses and people to fire for the programs poor performance, poor recruiting, and what is sure to be poor attendance in 2020, along comes Covad-19. Heads up Coronavirus: watch out for the bus, cause you about to get tossed…

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  3. Couple posts back the Dali Helton was quoted as saying all the new coaches came cause they saw/knew/felt something special was goin’ down at ‘SC. Hmmm. I’ve got a tough time believing all the new guys were watching this dumpster fire from afar, seeing 13 coaches issued pink slips over the last two years and thought “man o man that crafty bastard clay has something special goin over there”…

    Apologies for the out of context comment.

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  4. Michael,

    I will only bring the best of beers, Lucky beer. They had the twist off caps with the puzzle. LOL. That would be cool to be able to get together with everyone including Just Rent and Cal75.

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      1. You realize that I may have to resort to drugs in order to put up with abuse you guys would invariably heap on me.


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      2. Cal75 — Ha! [Don’t worry, my bud — it won’t be as bad as the great Charlie Bucket once said when I suggested that he, Owns, me and a super USC Booster named Jim B. all head to Tijuana together, “4 will go, only 3 will return”]…….

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