USC Quick Thought

What would it take for USC to have a practice without recruits present?

A lot more than the coronavirus, obviously.

I understand why recruits are allowed even with the current ban on spectators. But is it much different than allowing 100 people at practice?

Like I said, recruits and donors are the top priorities.

9 thoughts on “USC Quick Thought

  1. “Like I said, recruits and donors are the top priorities.”

    Scottie, I suspect that is the way it works almost everywhere else. Not just a USC thing.

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  2. I was wondering the same thing, but then again, the USC administration are the biggest hypocrites in the history of any University. The fact that they cherry-pick who they want at practice, then use the Corona virus as to why nobody else can watch spring practice is just another example. I’m still waiting for the LA Times to break a story as to why C.L. Max Nikias is still employed by the school, and has his own private office.

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  3. Don’t you have experience with this, blogger? Weren’t you banned from practices during the Tenure of Monte’s Son?



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